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Fashion brands and retailers from around the world are using Omnilytics to grow their business. The leading fashion analytics and insights software help you make data-backed decisions in merchandising, marketing and sales - all in one platform.

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Uncover the secret weapon to your growth

Increase profits

Construct an assortment filled with the right products, the right trends, at the right price - and watch your sales numbers grow.

With: Competitor Benchmarking, Trends Performance, Pricing Analysis
increase profits

Maximise resources

From designing to merchandising, buying and marketing, you can avoid time-consuming practices and reach your goals effectively.

With: Competitor Benchmarking, Trends Performance, Pricing Analysis, Ageing Analysis
maximise resources

React accurately

Meet market demands in real-time and adopt only the best-selling trends and pricing strategies into your assortment.

With: Trends Performance, Pricing Analysis, Ageing Analysis
react accurately

Outdo competitors

Beat the competition with what they’re missing out on. Benchmark against competitors and leverage effective strategies that accelerate your growth.

With: Competitor Benchmarking, Pricing Analysis
outdo competitors

Improve efficiency

From the merchandising team to marketing and sales, Omnilytics Prime saves time by eliminating inaccuracy, speeding up the process and providing precision.

With: Competitor Benchmarking, Trends Performance, Pricing Analysis, Ageing Analysis
improve efficiency
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“After working with Omnilytics, we were able to fill in the missing gaps of our assortment, gain a better understanding of our pricing strategies, and learn how to position ourselves in the industry – all in real-time.”

Bessie Ye

Founder of rye

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growth through effective merchandise planning and pricing analysis with Omnilytics.

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sell out for the first collection of a brand new hijab brand.

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year-on-year growth within 6 months of utilising Omnilytics Dashboard.

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Fashion Trends Vs Analytics

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Fashion Trends Vs Analytics

Is it over for trend forecasting? The fashion industry has been using trend forecasting techniques as a means to predict up-and-coming trends for years, but how accurate are forecasts in the dynamic market of today?

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