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The leading fashion & beauty market intelligence platform that will grow your business with tools providing actionable insights for sales, marketing and merchandising.

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Built to complement your teams.

Our 3 solutions are designed for marketing, sales, and merchandising; focused on growing fashion & beauty businesses at their core. Dynamic on its own, even better when combined.


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Everything you need to grow your business in the right direction

Includes: Competitor Benchmarking, Trends Performance, Pricing Analysis

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Competitor Benchmarking

Identify and benchmark against competitors in your market

  • Determine sellout performances

  • Compare your competitors

  • Track replenishment rates

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Trends Performance

Monitor shifting trends and recognise profitable opportunities

  • Discover emerging trends

  • Avoid declining trends

  • Determine popular colours

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Pricing Analysis

Evaluate pricing and discount strategies to meet market expectations

  • Examine sellout prices

  • Monitor full-priced items

  • Spot best discounted prices

Supporting you and your business every step of the way.

No matter what stage your business is at and regardless of the expertise of your team, we will be there to equip you with all you need to meet your business’ goals.

Ready for greater growth?

With the right tools, you’ll always be a step ahead in your industry.