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The leading fashion & beauty market intelligence platform that will grow your business with tools providing actionable insights for sales, marketing and merchandising.

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Our 3 solutions are designed for marketing, sales, and merchandising; focused on growing fashion & beauty businesses at their core. Dynamic on its own, even better when combined.


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Everything you need to grow your business in the right direction

  • Includes:
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Trends Performance
  • Pricing Analysis

Competitor Benchmarking

Identify and benchmark against competitors in your market

  • Determine sellout performances

  • Compare your competitors

  • Track replenishment rates

Trends Performance

Monitor shifting trends and recognise profitable opportunities

  • Discover emerging trends

  • Avoid declining trends

  • Determine popular colours

Pricing Analysis

Evaluate pricing and discount strategies to meet market expectations

  • Examine sellout prices

  • Monitor full-priced items

  • Spot best discounted prices

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