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icon improve margins
Improve Margins, retain DNA

Keep your brand’s identity intact, set your own standards

icon market opportunity
Discover market opportunities

Identify and fill market gaps with the best assortments

icon understant competition
Understand the competition

Distinguish strengths & weaknesses of competitors

icon prediction
Predict future trends

Always be one step ahead with trend forecasting

icon improve con demands
Recognise consumer’s demands

Meet their expectations based on purchasing behaviors

icon minimise discounting
Minimise discounting

Set pricing strategies in accordance to the market rate

icon sell out faster
Sell out faster

Include best-selling items in your assortment

icon data supported
Data-supported decisions

Sharpen decision-making skills based on data

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See the changes in your competitor's offerings when they happen, as they happen. Whether you’re a fashion designer, merchandiser or business owner, each of your important business decisions will now be supported by market intelligence. No more guessing, or depending on intuition, just pure data.

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Fashion Designers

Design products based on market demands and fashion trends

Fashion Merchandisers

Keep up with trends and identify purchasing behaviors based on customer demand

Visual Merchandisers

Execute visual ideas and concepts based on real-time data

Fashion Marketers

Refine your marketing plan and campaigns with data-driven decisions

Business Owners

Generate new business opportunities with data intelligence


Implement business strategies with consumer insights

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No matter where you are, Omnilytics is always beyond a fixed offering. We are trusted by the world’s best fashion retailers and brands.

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Retail moves quick; we move quicker. We provide actionable data, so you’re always one step ahead. See the science behind what we do


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