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market intelligence

Founded by current CEO Kendrick Wong, he leads a dedicated team of data scientists, analysts, and retail experts who share a passion to help fashion brands and retailers grow with market intelligence. From fashion designers, visual merchandisers, fashion marketers to business owners, there’s a solution for every need.

Our reach does not end there. With Omnilytics, you are able to see the full view of the current market. Our data covers a selection of over 25 million product SKUs, derived across more than 5000 brands.

Omnilytics at its core

We provide fashion retail analytics, so companies can focus on what’s important.

Vision, Mission & Values

We are dedicated

To be the leading platform for retail fashion analytics that delivers reliable data.

We aim to help businesses reduce waste by channeling their resources into what matters. The fashion industry still rely heavily on just intuition when it comes to the next production, collection or decision. With Omnilytics, we strive to ensure the right matter, whether a trend or bestseller, is prioritised. We validate every option with pure data. This creates the best experience for the customers of the business, which is a victory for us too.

We believe in 3 values: efficiency, speed, accuracy and passion. We believe in doing more with less, so that time is never wasted. We believe in working fast with precision, as the current market does not wait for anyone. Above all, we strongly believe in passion; it takes more than skills to do what we do.

The Team

We are leaders

Our dedicated group of analysts monitor the market round the clock for you. With decades of experience and skill under their belts, they are the ones creating reports backed by Omnilytics data - from trends to category performances - so you can see results at a glance.

Jobs at Omnilytics
Li Wen Kwong

Director of Content

Matthew Lovett

Head of Retail

Nikolai Prettner

Head of Design

Vinny Tan

Senior Data Analyst

Rachel Soh

Data Analyst

James Smith

Head of Data Science

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Improve your business performance with the help of our data experts and analysts. We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to.