5 New Jacket Trends to Invest In

5 New Jacket Trends to Invest In

Written by Aqilah ZailanJuly 28, 2020

5 New Jacket Trends to Invest In

New jacket trends have surfaced amid the pandemic as consumer needs continue to dictate demand. 

Remote working necessitates proper waist-up attire for video conferencing and jackets have been filling the gap. This is the reality of the new normal – fashion trends evolving along with consumer priorities. 

Brands and retailers can better navigate the current retail landscape by staying on top of these shifts with fashion market insights. Here at Omnilytics, we’ve narrowed down the new jacket trends you should be paying attention to in the age of coronavirus.

Let’s take a look.

New Jacket Trends to Tap Into

#1 Winning Subcategories

New Jacket Trends - Best-selling Biker Jacket, Denim Jacket and Blazer
Best-selling Biker Jacket (River Island), Denim Jacket (H&M) and Blazer (Zara). Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

Blazers & Tailored Jackets, Denim Jackets and Biker Jackets were the standout subcategories during the first half of 2020. With strong YoY growth, these subcategories amount to 57% of the total Jackets category. Fast fashion giant Zara led the pack in contribution, trailed closely by H&M and River Island.

Trade analysis for jackets
Trade analysis for Jackets category in the UK. Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

While all three subcategories outsold others, Biker Jackets showed particular promise. Despite a higher median price than its counterparts, it drove superior sell-out at full-price.

A major shift observed this year is the decline of subcategories like Bomber Jackets, which previously dominated the market.

#2 The ‘Buy Now, Wear Now’ Opportunity

New jacket trends - Best-selling Shirt Jacket and Puffer Jacket
Best-selling Shirt Jacket (H&M) and Puffer Jacket (Zara). Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

As fashion gravitates towards a seasonless landscape, new jacket trends arise as opportunities for brands to capitalise on the ‘buy now, wear now’ movement emerged.

Trade movement for Quilted & Padded Jackets and Shirt Jackets
Trade movement for Quilted & Padded Jackets and Shirt Jackets. Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

Atypical of the spring/summer period, Quilted & Padded Jackets accumulated a strong sell-out, surpassing last year’s 54%. Oversized Puffer Jackets grew in popularity as quarantines lifted and consumers ramped up protection with outerwear.

Another subcategory showing exceptional growth is Shirt Jackets, indicating a resurgence of the utility trend. Sell-outs for the subcategory accelerated in April and outstripped leading subcategory Denim Jackets in June. Furthermore, Shirt Jackets recorded increased newness this year as more brands invested in the utility trend.

#3 The Seasonless Element

New Jacket Trends - Best-selling Double-breasted Blazer, Denim Jacket and Biker Jacket
Best-selling Double-breasted Blazer (Zara), Denim Jacket (H&M) and Biker Jacket (River Island). Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

Jacket trends were not exempted from the shift in consumer preferences during the pandemic. In times of uncertainty, versatility, longevity and trans-seasonal qualities are valued. As such, highly fashionable styles took a back seat in favour of minimal, evergreen pieces.

Consumers preferred classic designs like double-breasted Blazers, regular length Denim Jackets and classic-cut Biker Jackets for their versatility in fulfilling different occasions – from Zoom meetings to socially distanced drinks outside.

The seasonless shift is clear when comparing this year’s bestsellers with last year’s. Bright hues, progressive styles and distinctive patterns like animal print dominated summer edits in 2019 but failed to carry momentum through 2020. 

With the shift towards trans-seasonal design, this year’s bestsellers consist of timeless pieces in solid core colours. Brands like River Island, known for its fashionable and progressive designs followed suit with a pared-down Spring/Summer collection.

#4 A Nod to Sustainability

New Jacket Trends - Zara, H&M and Cos Lyocell jackets
Zara, H&M and Cos Lyocell jackets. Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

Sustainability is a major focal point in the Covid-19 pandemic, which highlighted fashion’s detrimental effects on the environment. As such, more brands have since stepped up with sustainable promises and corresponding efforts to curtail their footprint. As a result, an 83% upsurge in sustainable materials were observed across the jackets category.

Trade movement for Lyocell Jackets in the UK
Trade movement for Lyocell Jackets in the UK. Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

In line with its pledge to use 100% sustainable cotton, linens and recycled polyester by 2025, Zara heads the lot with the largest share of lyocell jackets. Zara’s Join Life campaign saw the brand more than triple its products made with recycled materials.

Not far behind is H&M, which recently spearheaded the Fashion Transparency Index 2020. The Swedish fast fashion brand doubled down on sustainable sourcing to fulfil its commitment to using 100% recyclable or sustainable materials by 2030. 

Cos’s investment in lyocell evidences the brand’s recent sustainable efforts, which includes several launches that uplift the cause, including jewellery, classic white t-shirts and its latest sustainable activewear collection.

#5 Muted & Monochromatic

Colour composition for jackets 2019 vs 2020
Colour composition for jackets 2019 vs 2020. Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

‘Back to basics’ appears to be the overarching theme in the pandemic. Core colours surged during the first half across fast fashion and premium segments, barring H&M, which offered fewer greyscale jackets this year. 

While not completely absent, seasonal shades verged on the muted areas of the colour spectrum. Most brands went with soft pastels and pale hues to provide a variety of colours while remaining within the confines of the muted seasonal palette. Lilac was a popular pastel colour this season, with contributions from Zara, H&M and River Island.

New jacket trends - Lilac jackets
Lilac jackets (Zara & H&M). Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

Cos went in a different direction, opting for a more saturated palette with vivid shades like royal blue and bright orange. Although these colours had a minimal contribution, they achieved strong sell-out.

New jacket trends - Bright orange and blue jackets
Bright orange and blue jackets (Cos). Source: Omnilytics Dashboard

Spot Early Demand Signals with Fashion Market Insights

In times of crisis, consumers aren’t as willing to spend on non-essential items. 

Accurately meeting demand is now crucial for your business’ survival. Brands and retailers with access to fashion market insights can detect emerging trends and quickly validate them – swiftly reacting to consumer shifts with the right assortment.

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