7.2 Launch mechanics

Once you have a set marketing plan, you can carry out these steps to increase your marketing efforts.


Some examples are:

  • Social media advertising
  • Media partnership
  • Hold a launch event in-store
    • Consumer event
    • Media event
  • Mall marketing


Social Media Advertising

Social media is the easiest way to increase views and impressions. Most brands go for Facebook and Instagram to spread the word, as they’re the most popular.


Here are some tips for an effective social media advertising execution:


Create secrecy to increase curiosity

Your social media advertisements and posts should never reveal too much about your brand. Reveal too little about your brand and you are at risk of not delivering a hook enticing enough to viewers. Reveal too much and your viewers will already know what to expect and lose interest in the actual launch. Make sure to find the perfect balance for your social media advertisements to reel views and clicks online.  


Give a sneak peek

Another alternative could be to create short clips on social media. Yes, it may require more time and effort but visuals are more engaging – resulting in more views. Think of it as a ‘sneak peek’ into your new launch.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool in social media, as they can be customised to your brand. If social media users want to find out more about the hashtags, they can just scroll through effortlessly.


Media partnership 

Other than social media advertising, you should also enlist the help of traditional media partners such as magazines, newspapers or broadcast television companies for mass media publicity. Prepare a list of traditional media partners that are relevant for your brand and send them press kits or invites for any physical events. It might be hard to get the attention of traditional media at first, but as your brand gains notability, your relationship with them will improve.


The simplest way to engage with traditional media is to send journalists a press kit, which is a document with promotional materials of your event and brand. A typical press kit contains a press release (brand introduction and a written description of your event), promotional and product photos and your contact information. Press kits can be done digitally or physically.


Hold a launch event in-store

If you have an offline store, then you have the option of having a launch event. There are typically two kinds of events you can hold: 

  • Consumer events
  • Media and influencer events

Consumer events

For consumer events, you can either open to a selective few or to the general public – it depends on your event’s objective.  Some launch events are created specifically for long-time customers, as a way to reward them for their loyalty. In other cases, the event is open to the public, in hopes to garner more traction. Either way, hosting consumer events are a good way to connect with the target audience and gives you a chance to understand them better. 


Media and influencer events

If you prefer to keep your event private, plan for limited viewing event with only members of the press and a selected list of celebrities or social media influencers. Here, you can plan a massively elaborate event to capture their attention. Some things you can do are giveaways, send exclusive invites or send them on press trips. Usually, the more elaborate the event or giveaway, the more inclined these guest will share about it as this generates hype and increases brand visibility.


Mix events

Most brands opt for this option, in which you invite the members of the press, influencers and customers – all in one room. While it requires a lot of planning and structure, hosting mix events are preferable as it meets all objectives at the same time. You get to meet your customers and get publicity for it. Of course, you should only invite everyone if and only if you have the capacity to entertain them. 




Mall marketing

If your store is located in a shopping mall or a commercial centre, you can organise a specific marketing strategy in collaboration with the mall. Some examples include placing signage or promotional banners at the mall or participating in mall events for the festive season.