6.4 Offline marketing

Offline Marketing


Offline marketing is a more traditional method to increase your brand’s awareness that does not typically require online efforts. 


Print Media

Print media is a faster and easier way to leave an impression on your consumers. When an advertisement campaign is done physically, consumers are more drawn to have an emotional connection and understanding to your brand, allowing a longer linger period for your brand compared to a flashy digital advertisement seen on a phone screen.  


Consistency is key. You may not stick to just one print media for your marketing campaign. When venturing into multiple print media, always ensure that all fonts, images, colours and logos are uniform across all prints. This applies for your messaging too. Different messaging across varying print media may confuse consumers. Besides consistency, bear in mind that the outcome of your advertisement should be a clear reflection of your own brand’s image.


Collaborations with malls

If you are doing offline marketing for an offline store, chances are the store will be located in a shopping mall. Use that location to your advantage by collaborating with the malls that your brand is situated in, especially if it is a highly populated area.


Membership club cards and tourist privileges can be offered with the participating mall to promote more patronage, widening your audience. You can opt to give smaller ranged discounts to first-time customers to encourage purchase and brand loyalty.


Mall advertisements can also be carried out to alert shoppers of your store’s location, especially if your store is not situated at an accessible spot. Do negotiate over the cost of renting mall advertising space as it can be costly.  


In-store events

In-store events, such as media launches and consumer workshops, can be carried out occasionally to create awareness for new products. Events like these are able to help you sell the experience of your brand.


These make great content for your brand’s social media too.



Membership Program

Offering an exclusive membership program allows your consumers to feel more involved and immersed in the whole experience of your brand. Certain membership cards allow consumers to collect points storewide in exchange for a free gift or a discount code, boosting brand loyalty and also encouraging more sales for profit.


Giving out birthday rewards and discounts for your brand members allows you to get more personal with them, appealing to their emotional side.