3.7 Quality control

Never forget to ask for samples, these are very important in ensuring the quality control (QC) of your products.


The 4 crucial samples you should receive is:


  1. The initial sample either from your side or the OEM design
  2. The pre-production sample before they start cutting the fabric
  3. A size set that will provide the measurement of each size you’ve ordered
  4. The production sample which should mirror the finished product in the chosen fabric, colour and detailing.


This final sample should go through the full QC process – check the finish, sizing, seams, closures, stitching, details and washes to see how the product will hold when in use.


The last step is to include your care labels and hang tags. Your care label should include your brand name, composition, where the item is made and care instructions. Whereas your hang tag will contain all information such as brand name, description, price, size, SKU code and barcode. Try to design these labels to fit your brand values and image. From here, you’re ready to pack and ship.