9.5 Retail standards upkeep

When a customer walks into the store, every minor detail matters. From overall cleanliness of the store to the display on the mannequin, it is the sales associate’s main task to ensure the standards are met – as well as your task to oversee.


Here are the four main criteria that must be maintained:


Visual merchandising

As discussed in Course 8, visual merchandising plays a huge part in retail. In larger companies, visual merchandisers are the ones to do the job but in smaller companies, the sales associates execute based on instructions from headquarters.


The sales associates must adhere to the set guidelines, as well as carry out…


  • Window display changes

Example: For festive occasions like Christmas, the sales associates can decorate a Christmas tree for display, as well as placing party dresses on mannequins.  


  • New stocks display

Example: Most new-in items are displayed on the front to entice customers.


  • Promotional launches

Example: If the brand is promoting athleisure, the sales associate can gather and place all athleisure items together.


  • POP (Point-of-purchase) display

Example: For example, a “shelf talker” (a sticker stuck to the end of the shelf to draw attention as the customer walks down the aisle of a store) which is a small visual item.


  • Fragmentation (Anomaly stocks)

Example: Create a ‘last chance to buy’ rack, grouping all products with minimal balance in odd sizes.


General cleanliness

Of course, the store’s hygiene has to be maintained as well. It is your duty to create a store cleaning checklist to ensure everything is spotless.

The checklist includes:

You can also create a cleaning duty roster so that each staff member can take turns.


Security and safety

Unfortunately, theft and robberies are common in retail, so it’s essential that the security and staff safety criteria are met.


This includes constant monitoring of the security system or hiring a security guard. If the store is located in a mall, it has to adhere to the mall’s security and safety regulations, which can include keeping clear of the fire exit walkway.