3.1 Role of a designer

A fashion designer is someone who creates fashion products and overseas all the creative aspects of the garment. Designers can work alone or in a team. Designers that set-up their own labels typically consider themselves as Creative Directors. In general, the 2 kinds of designers are:


  • An “in-house” designer who works full-time for a brand .
  • A freelance designer that sells their designs to either a brand or manufacturer.


Should you opt to go down the private label route, here’s the time to get your creative juices flowing. The most crucial decision at this point is to choose who will be in charge of designing.


  • For those who have a knack for sewing or pattern-making may decide to do it themselves.
  • For the ones with amazing ideas but lack the technical skill, you can hire a fashion designer to translate your ideas into reality.


Believe it or not, knowing how to sew is not the most important factor in running a fashion business. The real key to a successful fashion business is understanding what the market wants! Sure, it does help to understand some basic patterns and construction but technical skills alone will not guarantee customers.