Case Study

Determining potential demand by validating trends

The Client

A premium womenswear brand that prides itself in providing trendy styles of the highest quality, focusing strongly on tailored fit and luxe materials.

The Challenge

Due to the strict quality standards of the brand, each design involves a significant amount of investment; from the sourcing of materials to the time and effort spent refining its fit before bulk production is even carried out. The client needed a way to validate a trend and understand its potential demand in order to justify the investment, especially when a trend can be adapted into various designs within a single collection.

The Success

Starting from a macro perspective, the client used the keyword function within Omnilytics’ Trends Performance solution to search the trend they were seeking to validate with data and visuals from over 75,000 brands globally. This process allowed them to identify top performing variations of the trend in every market in terms of materials, prints, colours, silhouettes and even sizes. They were then able to take these learnings and adapt them into creating designs that fit their brand’s identity.

“Since introducing Omnilytics into our product development process, we’ve been able to create designs that met the demands of our customers more frequently while minimising the production of slow-moving styles.” – Founder and Managing Director.

Such a validation process is necessary in ensuring that resources are channelled into products and designs with potential for the highest return, effectively reducing cost and waste. Understanding the performance of trends across markets allows you to offer your customers the right product at the right price and the right time.