Case Study

Market expansion and localisation of assortments

The Client

A UK-based brand selling sports apparel catered to both men and women.

The Challenge

The brand had recently entered the SEA region and the market’s response was not as positive as had been anticipated. They lacked understanding of the competitive landscape and the market in general. Their challenge therefore was a 2-pronged one:

1) Understand the competitive landscape within their industry
2) Localise their approach to meet the market’s demands

The Success

Starting with Omnilytics’ Competitor Benchmarking solution, the client was able to gain a bird’s eye view of the top players in sportswear within SEA. They were also able to identify local and emerging brands that were fast gaining traction within the region. Within just a few hours, the client was able to access the complete competitive landscape of the SEA sportswear market with complete accuracy.

“We knew we had gaps in our knowledge about the market. We also knew that we needed to fill those gaps fast. Omnilytics’ provided us with all the information we were looking for in a fraction of the time we were expecting to spend looking for it.” – Regional Brand Manager.

Having identified who their competitors were, the client then sought to understand each of these brands further by analysing their assortment mixes and pricing strategies using the Competitor Benchmarking and Pricing Analysis solutions. From this exercise, they discovered 2 things specific to the SEA market:

1) Brightly printed designs were favoured over plain and solid colours for women’s lines

2) Brands stocked on multiple retailers to catch different audiences

Based on these findings, the client adjusted their assortment mix for the SEA market, offering more brightly printed tops and bottoms for their women’s range. They also partnered with big retailers to gain initial market share.

“With Omnilytics, we have been able to continuously offer our customers across different regions exactly what they’re looking for. We are confident in all our buying decisions knowing that we’ve got the data to back it up.” – Chief Executive Officer.