From Offline to Online: How to Boost Online Sales

From Offline to Online: How to Boost Online Sales

Written by Leong KexinApril 16, 2020

From Offline to Online: How to Boost Online Sales

The closure of non-essential businesses has upended sales for brick-and-mortar stores. Traditional offline stores that abstained from digital options are left with warehouses pilling up with dated inventory and no means of distribution. 

The pandemic has accelerated the shift from offline to online for many brands. However, moving to an online business model does not guarantee healthy sales. The e-commerce market has gotten more saturated and competition has inflated in light of the lockdowns.

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In our recent webinar, Sarah Johnson, former Head of Merchandising at Asos and founder of Flourish Retail, discussed various strategies for brands looking to stand out in an increasingly competitive online space.

Maintain a Strong Online Presence

Despite store closures, the brands’ customer bases are still present. Staying connected with consumers is more vital than ever. From taking orders via Instagram to livestreaming new collections, brands will have to expand their creativity to maintain their online presence through social media to drive engagement.

Get Creative with Online Campaigns

Brands must narrate their digital campaigns with the right messaging and sentiment to align with the latest consumer demands. An effective campaign that resonates well with consumers will be able to bring the right assortments to the forefront and ultimately, drive sales. 

From Offline to Online: How to Boost Online Sales

Love & Flair’s “stay at home” campaign champions its latest curated collection for housebound consumers. As captured on the Omnilytics Visual Merchandising solution on the 13th April 2020. 

Optimise Online Channels to the Fullest

The digital space can be tricky to navigate, especially when different channels have different audiences and demands. To maximise sales, brands will have to optimise their online distribution strategy with data-driven insights. 

From Offline to Online: How to Boost Online Sales
The top eight categories on Zalora in the Malaysian market. As captured on the Trend Performance solution from 1 March to 31st March 2020.

The Omnilytics dashboard provides a deeper understanding of trending categories from a retailer to determine key opportunities to potentialise. The image above depicts the top eight categories from the multi-label retailer, Zalora, by SKU count in March.

This provides deep insight into high-risk categories, such as dresses and outerwear, allowing brands to allocate stock effectively.

Watch the full webinar with Sarah Johnson below to gain industry insight on the best merchandising practices for crisis mitigation and beyond. 

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