The Hottest Colour Trends of SS19

The Hottest Colour Trends of SS19

Written by Leong KexinSeptember 27, 2019

The Hottest Colour Trends of SS19

Pantone’s Colour Trend Report for SS19 features 12 vibrant and eye-catching colours -think sunset and nature tones – a stark contrast to its predecessor of SS18. 

Leading Colours SS18 VS SS19
SS18 colour trends vs SS19 colour trends

And as always, Pantone’s colour report also includes its four neutral classics, described as a ‘structure for everyday fashion’. 

Every season the report serves as a guide to fashion’s “most important colour trends”, used by many top designers in their runway collections.

The same, however, can’t be said for fast fashion.

In our latest SS19 Trend Colours report, we analysed over 250,000 data points and compiled the data from leading fast fashion retailers to determine if colour performance matched the season’s prediction.

Here are three interesting snippets from the report:

#1 Pantone’s Colour of the Year Didn’t Translate to Retail

Living Coral was crowned 2019’s colour of the year. Living Coral, as described by Pantone, is “evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of colour”, perhaps paying homage to the significance of coral reefs to the ecosystem.

Although the coral hue was seen on runways and picked up by celebrities at the beginning of the year, fast fashion retailers did not follow suit. 

We compiled data for coral assortments from SS18 compared to SS19 to spot any spike in movement. New arrivals for coral was at its all time high on June 2018 but had a stagnant growth until an influx in May 2019, signifying retailers’ preference for coral in Summer. 

Instead, other vibrant hues in the colour group, like Sunset Flare, had higher movements when benchmarked against Living Coral.

#2 Colour Trends: The Real Winners of the Season

The most prominent colour group of SS19 was Sunset Flare, synonymous to the warmer and cheerier half of the year. Sunset Flare consisted of vibrant hues of reds and oranges, with significantly higher assortment counts from fast fashion retailers.

Zooming in on the SKU count of Sunset Flare:

  • The new-in movement varied between all the colours of Sunset Flare.
  • Siesta, a striking red shade, started with the highest SKU count but decreased until May. This contrasts the movement of Living Coral, which was slow for the first few months of the year.
  • Other colours from Sunset Flare saw an increase in SKU count starting in April, perhaps a sign that fast fashion retailers should only stock up on these brights colours in Summer instead of Spring.

#3 Influencers Are Paving the Way

Influencers and celebrities serve as an alternative driving force for fashion. Fast fashion retailers are particularly receptive to their styling, especially when it comes to colours. It only takes one viral photo or account to fuel the popularity of a fashion trend. 

Source: Refinery29

One clear example was Kylie Jenner’s lilac sheer dress for the Met Gala. Ultra Violet, which was 2018’s Colour of the Year, did not garner the expected amount of reception that year.

However, the colour resurfaced a year later on the social media feeds of celebrities when she wore the Versace dress.

Key Takeaway

Seasonal colour predictions do not necessarily translate into retail. Therefore, benchmarking against the right set of competitors offers a more accurate overview of trends and colours performance before brands and retailers invest heavily in it. 

Although colour prediction reports can provide retailers with an idea of what to expect from the following season, relying solely on them will more likely lead to overstocked inventory. Instead, retailers should rely more closely on the accuracy of real-time data to interpret current demands to spot commercial opportunities.   

The images and data here were extracted from our latest industry report. To uncover the full scope on all the performance of SS19’s hottest colours and the bestselling styles, download the SS19 Trending Colours Report here

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