Integrate Your Performance Data With Internal Intelligence for Richer Insights

August 13, 2021
Integrate Your Performance Data With Internal Intelligence for Richer Insights

Market visibility on your competitors is great, but being able to combine this with your internal data in the same platform can be truly game-changing for your business. 

That’s why we’re hugely excited to announce the launch of our Internal Intelligence feature – a feature designed to help brands navigate the retail landscape of a post-pandemic world.

Discover how your teams can start to connect the dots between your internal data points faster below:

Internal Intelligence: Easily accessible and integratable

Our Internal Intelligence module can be integrated directly into your Shopify and Google Analytics console, which means less time pulling reports and more time to make data-driven decisions on your sales performance and site metrics.

Read below for an outline of Internal Intelligence’s key features and customer benefits:

Business Overview

The Business Overview tab allows users to quickly access important metrics – think amount of sales generated, average order value and total discounts incurred – and compare these data points without the hassle of referring to previous reports.

With Business Overview, Internal Intelligence users can also unlock insights around their top-performing categories and assortments without the need to pivot their sales data – allowing you to identify top-performing and underachieving SKU’s from your assortments.

Why customers love it: You can easily access business performance overviews within minutes. Sharing vital data with your management or teammates is a hassle-free process.

A holistic view of market performance by category

Internal Intelligence also allows users to navigate their assortment categories/subcategories with ease, reducing the time spent making decisions around stock clearance and inventory build-up.

Why customers love it: It’s hassle-free! Merchandisers can minimise the time spent on downloading, pivoting, and transferring data to report templates.

Actionable insights based on SKU performance

Internal Intelligence comes equipped with both pre-built and custom templates. These allow users to compile products for replenishment orders or promotions or – if they require different analytical metrics – build bespoke templates to meet their brand’s requirements.

Why customers love it: The data and image-driven interface allows you to analyse each product performance in detail, making it easy to choose which specific SKU’s require re-ordering or boosting.

Size Analysis

The Size Analysis charts within Internal Intelligence enable customers to identify the product sizes that are driving sales for each category and sub-category, providing early warning on sizes still holding high units and valuable insights that can be used to inform size ratios for future collections.

Size Analysis can also be used to help calculate stock calculations with a few simple adjustments to our dashboard. Simply input your own size ratios, and let Internal Intelligence handle the rest.

Why customers love it: With access to a consolidated view of size-based performances according to category/subcategory, you can instantly plan your order quantities according to the current performances of particular sizes – which makes new market opportunities easier.

Share your insights together with the reports

Much like our Trade Insights module, Internal Intelligence saves the hassle of creating multiple documents by inserting insights directly into your reports and converting the findings into a ready-to-download PDF file.

Need to access previous reports or edit them? You can retrieve and edit all saved reports with just a few clicks.

Quick integration with Shopify and Google Analytics

Integration between your site app and the dashboard can be easily managed as long as vital information such as your URL and API Key are entered. A user guide will be provided during this stage.

Customer shopping behaviour

What’s more exciting is that you can connect your Google Analytics (GA) to the dashboard. This would allow you to have a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviours when they are browsing through your website. Combining customer behaviour data together with your business performance data provides you with more actionable insights so that you can plan your next promotion or marketing activity.

The key behaviour metrics from GA that you will be able to see on the dashboard are:

  • Added To Cart
  • Reached Checkout
  • Unique Purchases
  • Buy-to-Detail Rate %

Why customers love it: Using Google Analytics ensures you will have quick visibility on products that require additional boost to increase conversion and drive sales profit. Your marketing team can also immediately schedule a reshoot for products that have high views but low conversion, as it indicates that customers could be interested in the product but were not enticed to purchase it due to poor image quality.

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The Internal Intelligence module provides Omnilytics customers with a centralised reporting tool and lightning-quick access to actionable insights.

Interested in finding out more about Internal Intelligence? Get in touch with us today.

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