Newly Revamped Support Centre: What We Upgraded

August 13, 2021
Newly Revamped Support Centre: What We Upgraded

Having access to the right tool and maximising its full potential does not always go hand in hand, but that is the goal here at Omnilytics. Your success is important to us, as we believe that data insights could propel retail businesses while minimising risk at every stage. With this in mind, we doubled down on ways we can support you in getting the most out of our product in the shortest span of time.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our revamped Omnilytics Support Centre to help our customers access the information they need to optimise current retail processes with our dashboard.

Here are some of the key features of the new support centre.

Improved Search Functionality

Getting an answer to your question has never been easier with our new search bar. We have expanded our knowledge base with over a hundred new use cases and support articles to address every problem in the retail business including trend validation, designing, pricing, discounting, inventory management and more.

The new search bar surfaces articles related to your search topic with better targeting now available after updates and functionality improvements. Rest assured you can find answers to your problems quickly.

Navigate Better with Help by Topic

An alternative to the search bar, the new Help by Topic feature consists of support articles and use cases that are segmented by topic for easy navigation. Whether you are a designer, buyer, merchandiser or brand owner, all the support you need for a specific task has been compiled in each section.

There are 13 main topics in total that takes you straight to pages with the relevant support articles and use cases for that topic. Here are some of the information you can gain from the topics available.

Modules by Solution

Customers can familiarise themselves with all the modules available on the Omnilytics dashboard, by the purpose of each module and along with instructions on how to surface your desired insights. In this section, brand and retailers will understand how to:

  • Effectively comp shop using the Competitor Benchmarking module to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Create best-selling assortments by analysing categories, colours, materials and patterns on the Trends Performance module.
  • Manage inventory, product ageing and identify replenishment opportunities with the Ageing Analysis module.
  • Perfect launch and markdown timings using the Calendar module to spot new launch and markdown patterns.
  • Optimise marketing campaigns with an archive of competitor newsletters and homepages on the Visual Merchandising module.

Where Omnilytics Fits

The insights derived from our dashboard can be adapted for different roles and processes in the fashion journey. Knowing exactly where to go when faced with function-specific challenges saves time and cost for businesses, which is why we’ve compiled resources for different personas under this topic. Main findings include:

  • How merchandisers and buyers can trade efficiently each season with insights on what sells at the right price.
  • How designers can design demand-driven collections with trends validated by market performance.
  • How marketing teams can develop product messaging that resonates and builds brand loyalty.

Assortment Planning

The right assortment drives sales. With consumers’ wants and needs constantly evolving, brands and retailers can benefit from better accuracy and speed in interpreting market trends to create on-demand products ahead of their competitors. Learn how the Omnilytics dashboard empowers you to:

  • Identify top-performing subcategories.
  • Differentiate true trends from fads.
  • Validate design ideas.
  • Analyse fast-moving sizes.
  • Finalise colour composition.

Discounting Strategy

Discounts are a painful necessity in retail and a decisive factor in a business’ margins. The markdown mania that dominated the pandemic has prompted our customers to seek for best discounting practices to drive sales while limiting losses, therefore we’ve assembled the best practice to guide our clients through this process. In this section, find out how to:

  • Review competitors’ discounting and promotional strategies and validating their performance
  • Identify the optimum discount range for your products in different markets.
  • Monitor shifts in consumers’ price sensitivity following discount launches.

Pricing Strategy

Tailoring your price architecture to a specific market is crucial in order to deliver value to consumers and boost conversions. With this in mind, we put together several support articles in this section to guide businesses in identifying the pricing sweet spot for every product, down to the subcategory level. Discover how to:

  • Analyse sell-out performance of price ranges.
  • Determine the optimal price range for any category.
  • Price match to stay competitive.
  • Identify pricing opportunities in marketplaces.

Distribution Strategy

Distributing your products to the right channels entails identifying markets with demand for the styles you carry and by extension, the key retailers within those markets to use as a sales channel. Brands looking to expand into new markets or diversify their distribution strategy can refer to this topic for tips. Uncover how data helps to:

  • Analyse the local competitive landscape
  • Identify opportunity gaps in a new market.
  • Choose a suitable retailer based on performance.
  • Find the strongest online channel for your brand.

E-mail and Chat Support

Even with the improvements to the support centre, there are bound to be kinks that would need addressing with the help of our client success team. Previously, our customers could only reach us through e-mail, but we’ve come up with an alternative for you to connect with us directly via the new chat support.

Accessible through the support centre and on the dashboard itself, our client success team is available to support you in real-time, Mondays through Saturdays during office hours. With this new feature, you can access our team directly while you are using the dashboard. 

Expect More Enhancements

We hope you can get as much value out of our tool and service as possible. We’ll continue creating more content and video guides to offer a comprehensive support centre that is accessible at all times and as effective as direct support from our client success team. - Hui Chin Teoh, Director of Client Success

At the same time, we welcome your requests and feedback on how we can improve the support centre and help you get as much value out of our product as possible. Drop us an e-mail here with any suggestions you may have.

About the Author

Before her current fashion content writer role at Omnilytics, Aqilah Zailan was already decoding trends in the retail space. She now produces articles for Omnilytics’ blog and continues to keep a keen eye on shifting trends in the fashion industry.