Reaching the Next Level with Omnilytics’ Improved Dashboard

Reaching the Next Level with Omnilytics’ Improved Dashboard

By Omnilytics

Reaching the Next Level with Omnilytics’ Improved Dashboard

In today’s fast-paced environment, data adoption is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. Every business decision you make not only has to be quick, but precise and accurate at the same time.

Real-time data helps you achieve that.

However, the data analysis and application aspect can often be daunting. From data overload to unstructured information, incorporation of data may seem overwhelming… but that shouldn’t be the case.

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce Omnilytics’ Improved Dashboard, a modularised platform designed to complement your sales, marketing and merchandising efforts with actionable insights. Complete with three solutions – Trends Performance, Competitor Benchmarking, and Pricing Analysis – each page offers specific insights that meet your business needs. On top of that, we have Prime as well, an all-in-one deal that covers all solutions.

Trends Performance: Build better assortments

trends performance dashboard

Omnilytics’ Trends Performance Page 

Never miss out on an opportunity with the Trends Performance page. With the ability to monitor growing or declining trends in categories, colours, styles, sizes and materials across over 75,000 brands, you’ll be able to increase sales with trends that are actually trending. Whether you’re a merchandiser, buyer or designer, you can utilise this page to optimise your assortment, ensuring your new collection will comprise only the best trends.

  • Discover emerging trends – Adopt growing trends to capitalise at its peak
  • Avoid declining trends – Minimise costs by eliminating trends that are no longer popular
  • Determine key colours – Incorporate the bestselling colours into your assortment

Competitor Benchmarking: Maximise opportunities, minimise mistakes

competitor benchmarking dashboard

Omnilytics’ Competitor Benchmarking

With the Competitor Benchmarking page, your competitors’ every move will be available at your fingertips, granting you full access into what works in your market, and what to avoid. From your competitors’ bestsellers to their discounting strategies, this page helps you to easily identify and analyse their business decisions, serving as an effective benchmarking tool. With the ability to track your competitors in real-time, you’ll be able to do more – with less effort.

  • Determine sellout performances – Increase sales by including bestsellers in your market
  • Compare your competitors – Benchmark against competition to see where you stand
  • Track replenishment rates – Identify popular items that are in demand

Pricing Analysis: Set the best pricing strategies

pricing analysis increase sales dashboard

Omnilytics’ Pricing Analysis 

You can view historical pricing and discount movements across more than 100 million SKUs with the Pricing Analysis tool. This enables you to create the best price architecture for your products, one that is according to market expectations. Every data point that you see in this page is in real-time, which means you can react in perfect timing too. Keep you and your customers happy by setting the right pricing and discount strategy – every time.

  • Examine sellout prices – Set the best price for your products
  • Monitor full-priced items – Capture a higher margin by aligning with market expectations
  • Spot best discounted prices – Stay ahead during discounting season

Product Match: Compare & Contrast to Get An In-Depth View

product match dashboard

Omnilytics’ Product Match

The product matching page was announced a few months ago, but its powerful matching algorithm has immensely improved since then. It allows you to compare and contrast exact or similar products, giving you a granular view which assists in spotting price and discount discrepancies. What’s even better, is that this feature is available to anyone that purchases any solutions page – no hidden charges.

All of the solutions above are fully customisable, where you have the freedom to select and build the perfect solution that meets your need. They’re dynamic on its own, but even better if you use them together. Which is why we’re offering Prime, your all-in-one solution to fast-tracked growth – a combination of all three solutions that ensures your business is on the right path to be an industry leader.

Prime Page: All-in-One Package

prime package

Omnilytics’ Prime

Omnilytics Prime covers everything you need to reach to the top. It covers all of the solutions above, fully supporting your team in sales, marketing and merchandising. With all three solutions, you’ll be able to cross-analyse insights, allowing you to spot hidden opportunities faster, minimise tedious manual work and maximise more sales. Your all-in-one deal, built specifically with your business in mind.

  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Trends Performance
  • Pricing Analysis

Omnilytics’ New Dashboard aims for brands and retailers across the globe to independently turn valuable data into actionable insights with speed, accuracy and precision.

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