Should These Sunglasses be in Your Next Collection?

Should These Sunglasses be in Your Next Collection?

Written by OmnilyticsMay 4, 2018

Should These Sunglasses be in Your Next Collection?

Celebrities – they define what’s popular and what’s not. With fashion month behind us, we’ve been graced with an abundance of street style looks that are now being replicated by both the fashion and non-fashion conscious. Many of these trends are now accentuated with a distinct pair of sunglasses aptly known as the Matrix.

Named after the movie, these sunglasses are easily identifiable as they bore a resemblance to what Keanu Reeves and his cohorts wore in the movie bar some added fashion flare.

Images Celebrities Wearing Sunglasses

From right: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Keanu Reeves and Rihanna.

But first, what exactly are Matrix-style sunglasses? On Omnilytics, they are categorised and recognised by their angular shape.

Examples of Matrix Sunglasses

So, is the average consumer truly interested in these type of sunglasses that offer less coverage and more style? Or could this trend be just a fad amongst a specific consumer profile?

We analysed the performance of square-shaped eyewear on our dashboard to see how the Matrix sunglasses performed on high street brands – Charles & Keith and ASOS.

Charles and Keith

For accessory, bag and shoe label Charles & Keith, eyewear sellout represented 78.3% of total sales, of which eyewear made up 4% of total SKUs available.

charles and keith sellout rate eyewear

Out of all their collections, square-shaped eyewear performed extraordinarily well at Charles & Keith with a sellout rate of 90.5% as shown below.

Square Eyewear Sellout Rate C&K

Best Selling Eyewear at Charles & Keith

However, once again, an analysis of the SKUs on offer showed no Matrix-style sunglasses in the top 12 bestsellers for the brand.

In fact, this style was not even offered by Charles & Keith as part of their stocked eyewear collection.

Best Selling Eyewear for C&K

From this we can infer that the Matrix-style sunglasses did not resonate with Charles & Keith’s consumer profile of the “stylish urbanite” – that of a young to mid-aged adult who values fashion but places more importance on exclusivity over current trends.


For ultra-fast fashion retailer Asos, eyewear represented 1% of total SKUs available – a very small proportion to Asos’ mass product offerings. Yet eyewear was still able to garner a sellout rate of 66.8%.

Of that 66.8%, square-shaped eyewear had a 61.2% sellout rate, which was quite high, indicating a popular frame shape amongst Asos consumers.

asos sellout rate square eyewear

Best Selling Eyewear at ASOS

An in-depth look at the best-selling square-shaped eyewear for ASOS, showed that Matrix-style sunglasses were amongst the top 12. Notably it was the third best-selling eyewear for ASOS.

Best Selling Sunglasses for Asos

This indicated that ASOS’ consumer demographic included those who were interested in Matrix-style sunglasses. As their consumer profile mainly consists of teenagers to young adults who are fashion conscious and tend to adopt new styles sported by celebrities, this explains why this particular style was stocked and doing so well as part of the square-shaped eyewear collection.

The Key Takeaway

With the use of retail data, it seemed that while Matrix-style sunglasses were all the rage amongst celebrities, they didn’t appeal to the average mass consumer. This fad only appealed to those who are young, fashion conscious, and responds well to rapidly changing trends.

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