Trend Performance Reinvented to Meet Shifting Consumer Demand

July 1, 2018
August 13, 2021
Trend Performance Reinvented to Meet Shifting Consumer Demand

Recently, we announced the launch of our new and improved fashion Competitor Benchmarking, fully enhanced to help merchandisers, buyers and designers like you to bolster decision-making with agility and precision. 

But that’s not all. At Omnilytics, we want to continuously enhance your adaptability to changing market landscape and consumer demand. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the reinvented features and seamless user experience of our trend analysis. More than ever, your customers expect to see the products they want, in the right styles, colours and patterns – and we’re deeply invested in helping you fulfil that need faster. 

The reimagined Trend Performance has four new feature tabs (Trend Scorecard is available under Overview), coupled with smarter visualisations and deeper granularity. Transform your business with: 

  • Overview
  • Trend Scorecard
  • Pattern & Colour Distribution
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Colour Analysis


Access Market Trends from 47 Countries in One Place

Like our improved fashion Competitor Benchmarking, the Overview tab in Trend Performance provides instant access into the data that matters most to you.

Immediately, you can see the top five patterns, colours and materials that are trending in your selected market. With this, you spend less time rummaging through inaccurate trend reports, more time on validation with precise fashion market insights. 

You can view market trends by four main groupings, namely by category, colour, patterns or materials.

To get in-depth market reads, just toggle with the main filters.

To view the performing shades of a specific colour, for example, simply filter by the colour name. You can replicate this with categories as well to access deeper insights.

Smarter Insights with Trend Scorecard

When it comes to trends, we know how important it is to have validation. Trends tailored to specific markets allow for a localised approach – which helps meet consumer demand. No matter which market you’re in, trends are ever-changing, and it’s our duty to help you keep a pulse on market demands. 

Trend Scorecard helps you achieve that. 

On the Overview tab, click through any trending category to access a deeper level of information that further validates the trend.

Here are the new analytics:

Popularity Over Time 

Popularity score is assigned for every category (in this example, Dresses with the score of -5.3), based on the category’s performance across discount, replenishment and ageing over time.

Analytics on Most Stocked

Easily identify which retailers or brands stocked the most dresses, and in what trending patterns, colours and materials.

Key Performance Metrics 

Price positioning (median price and price spread) along with performance metrics on discounted, replenished and sell-out rates are important indicators to inform if the specific trend is meeting consumer demand against its stock position.

New-In vs First Discount by Month

Getting timing right is crucial. With trends fluctuating, you’d want a firm grasp into the latest arrivals’ phasing in the market to deliver what your customers want, right when they want it.

The New In vs First Discount feature here helps you shape your launch calendar commercially.

With the view on the quantum of first time discounted products by month, you can plan and predict the lifecycle of a specific trend to invest appropriately. 

Why our customers love it: Most useful for product development, as well as range planning and buying, the metrics in Overview and Trend Scorecard provide important indicators for consumer demand and trend validation.

Pattern & Colour Distribution

After having a high-level overview of market trends, deepen your understanding with this tab to identify which top retailers and brands have stocked key patterns and colours. 

Analyse in Real-Time

On the Pattern Distribution by Retailer chart, you can swiftly see 16 key patterns with the highest (or lowest) product count to understand what the top retailers in the market are backing. You can also opt to view the pattern distribution by top brands or top categories.

You can do the same with colour analysis. What’s even better, is that you can filter by seasonal colours or grayscale only to build your core and non-core mix.

Why our customers love it: The feature is smart to surface the top and bottom trending patterns and colours, along with who in the market is stocking on them. This information not only helps to validate specific patterns or colours but also surfaces opportunities that may have been overlooked.

Pattern & Colour Analysis

Further deep dive with this tab to determine the top-performing patterns and colours in your market. 

Stock The Right Patterns

With Pattern Analysis, you too, can toggle to view the 16 patterns in the highest or lowest order on product count. Then, understand each pattern’s performance with the Sell Out Contribution filter.

Here, you can also easily see the plain vs patterned ratio.

Identify Best-Selling Colours in Seconds

Spot opportunities in the market by monitoring the performing colours in your market. Similar to Colour Distribution by Retailer, you can also filter by seasonal or grayscale colours.

Why our customers love it: Analysing sell-out against stock product count in this visualisation instantly signals the key patterns/colours that are in demand, in addition to missed opportunities and risks. The visualised charts are also useful to support internal meetings and cross-team sharing.

Ready for Action

At Omnilytics, we’re continuously invested in your growth. We’re constantly improving our product so that you make decisions with speed. 

About the Author

Before her current fashion content writer role at Omnilytics, Aqilah Zailan was already decoding trends in the retail space. She now produces articles for Omnilytics’ blog and continues to keep a keen eye on shifting trends in the fashion industry.