Omnilytics’ Fashion Merchandising Masterclass

Created by industry professionals with a combined 40+ years in the fashion industry, our Fashion Merchandising Masterclass breaks down industry best practices and offers key insights to help you translate data insights into action.

Hosted by:

Elaine is an industry professional with 15+ years of retail expertise in merchandising, who previously worked under Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gap and Banana Republic.

She, along with Aniq Wafi, who worked with Self-Portrait and Saint Laurent, will be taking you through this masterclass.

#1 Introduction Video

In this introduction video, we’re going to take a look at the common pain points faced by retailers and uncover actionable steps to take to overcome it.

#2 Understanding the retail business process

Now, let’s go to the next step of your merchandising journey: understanding the complete retail business process.

Here’s what to expect:

  • What is the purpose of a complete business process?
  • The complete process of merchandising
  • The difference between pre-season planning and in-season management
  • What are the roles of a merchandiser?

#3 The structure of a trade report

For the third segment of your video course, learn why trade reporting is crucial in every structured retail business. 

Deep-dive into:

  • The importance of trade reporting
  • The best practices for trade reporting
  • How to carry out WSSI, every merchandiser’s most comprehensive trade reporting tool

#4 How to Conduct Effective Competitor Analysis

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned, we’ll be releasing the following videos soon.

#5 Recap of Effective In-Season Management Strategies

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