What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Aqilah Zailan
Aqilah Zailan
August 13, 2021
What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Omnilytics strives to continuously bolster our customers’ decision-making with actionable insights delivered in the most efficient manner. The response we’ve received from brands and retailers have been instrumental to continuously develop and innovate our technology based on – what our customers love and want more of. With this in mind, we invite our customers to input their feedback on G2, a software and services review site populated by real users.

Here’s how Omnilytics is helping brands and retailers grow their business with retail insights, according to our customers.

Accurate Insights on Demand

With Omnilytics, I am able to understand the development of trends in other markets and analyse its relevancy in my own. I can also review the sell-out performance of my competitor brands, providing greater validation into what works and does not work in the market. - Kami Idea

Resounding feedback from our customers on using Omnilytics is the accuracy they’ve gained in understanding demand. Retailers were able to validate merchandising and designing ideas with precise data on what is selling in a particular market. Whether it is choosing the right categories, silhouettes, colours or styles, Omnilytics has been credited with empowering better decision-making.

Trend validation based on sell-out performance takes the guesswork out of assortment planning by helping our customers monitor competitor movements and spot untapped opportunities. Merchandisers and buyers are then bolstered to make the right decisions that accurately meet market demand.

Competitive Pricing

Omnilytics helps us validate pricing decisions and price competitively. - The Iconic

When asked what they liked best and what problems are Omnilytics solving, most of our customers brought up competitive pricing as a key differentiator. In a saturated retail landscape, an effective pricing strategy gives retailers a competitive edge to maximise margins.

We provide an in-depth breakdown of the pricing architecture in any market so retailers can align with consumer expectations and price optimally down to the subcategory level. When product prices reflect their value, the threat of deadstock diminishes.

Our customers also highlighted the value of competitor insights in pricing. Understanding your closest competitors’ pricing tactics allow you to counter with better prices and experience better sell-out in the process.

Plan Launches and Promotions

I use Omnilytics to craft promotion strategies by monitoring sales performance and pricing structures for product categories that are relevant to our brand and positioning. - NUDE FEMME

Timing is everything in planning product cycles. Our customers are fully aware of the impact of a well-timed launch and markdown activation, crediting Omnilytics with providing insights on the perfect time to do both.

Retailers constantly strive to get ahead and a granular view of the competitors’ launch and discount strategies gives them the boost they need. Launches and discounts that clash with other brands can disrupt the perfect roll-out. With Omnilytics, retailers can determine the exact day of the week to launch, when to activate markdowns and precisely how much to discount to draw customers away from the competitors while still keeping margins in check.

Multi-market Visibility

I can monitor my brand’s performance in different markets simultaneously.

One of the pain points we address is the hassle of age-old retail practices that are time-consuming and costly. Our customers recalled greater market visibility as one of their favourite features, which allow retailers to comp shop from the comfort of their desk.

Merchandisers and buyers have to tailor assortments accordingly to meet the demand on different channels. Being able to look at several markets simultaneously on our dashboard is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to spot opportunities across multiple channels. With accurate competitor insights without ever needing to leave the office, retailers have more time to focus on more critical tasks at hand.

Inventory Management

The ageing analysis helped us identify risky product categories, and categories that would potentially perform well. - D’yana

Inventory issues are an ongoing struggle in retail, especially in the wake of Covid-19. However, our customers say Omnilytics helps them to manage stock levels. With proper planning and quick reactions, retailers can maintain a healthy inventory and maximise profitability.

A complete view of you and your competitors’ product ranges by age will quickly surface the slow-movers and aged stock that need to be addressed immediately. Retailers can be proactive by adjusting assortments according to market changes the second they detect a category is under-performing.

Visual Merchandising

We get ideas for promotion as well as design for newsletters and homepage through Omnilytics. - This Is April

Our customers brought up visual merchandising and marketing as another area that is bolstered by competitor insights. We help brands push their identity through marketing and create compelling stories that are engaging.

Visual merchandising on the website is crucial to get right, as it’s often the first thing customers see online. With Omnilytics, retailers have access to multiple competitors’ visual merchandising strategies on one page. Screenshots of the competitors’ homepages, product pages and newsletters help retailers identify the most effective messaging and swiftly react to maintain competitiveness.

Ease of Use

It’s super user friendly, the features are very straight forward. For beginners with no prior experience using data, Omnilytics will be a great place to start! - ZALORA

The Omnilytics dashboard was designed to surface data in a visually clear format, split by key metrics that are most important to our customers, and they’ve voiced their appreciation.

Easy to use features and a user-friendly interface are some of the qualities that have served our customers well. Quick access to crucial information is useful in regular trade meetings, but the dashboard also automates processes that would otherwise take up the bulk of our customers’ time. In-depth analyses and research can now be conducted remotely and at a fraction of the time.

Great Customer Service

The client management is very helpful and responsive to questions and feedback.

Supporting our customers through every step of the retail journey is a huge priority. We have a dedicated team to support clients at the ready to guide retailers on getting the most value out of the dashboard and retail insights.

Apart from a live chat box and maintaining communication with our customers, our client success team also curates use cases and other resources to help retailers use our product to their advantage and stay up to date on the latest happenings in fashion retail.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Our goal is to continuously provide the best product and service to our customers and empower them to grow their business with retail insights. There is always room for improvement and we welcome your thoughts on the issues that the Omnilytics dashboard is helping you solve and what we can build on.

Click here to read our customer reviews and we hope you find the time to leave us your feedback too!

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Aqilah Zailan
Aqilah Zailan
Before her current fashion content writer role at Omnilytics, Aqilah Zailan was already decoding trends in the retail space. She now produces articles for Omnilytics’ blog and continues to keep a keen eye on shifting trends in the fashion industry.