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Fashion retail report for 37 Actives based on real-time data analytics to determine best sellers, how to optimise your pricing strategy, how and when should you give discounts, know the popular colours and sizes you should stock up on, how fast a product goes out-of-stock and when to replenish your stock to hit better sales targets. The fashion retail report contains detailed retail market analysis that will help in tracking 37 Actives competitors’ activities, improve buying and stocking decisions, predict and forecast the next fashion and beauty trends in the market. Using a mix of data analytics, data science and market research, the 37 Actives fashion retail report focuses on providing trustworthy insights into real-time data and transform the numbers into simple charts and graphs for better visual understanding.

Learn more about how your own brand is performing as compared to 37 Actives. The Omnilytics dashboard allows you to make side-by-side comparisons such as finding out which product subcategory is doing well for which brand, the colours and sizes that are selling the most for both,which price points are most sought after by customers and the amount of discounts given during a specific timeline. The fashion retail report analyses all this information, which will be used as determining factors for brands and retailers to maximise profit margins, reduce stock wastage and set the right product prices. The rise of the machine learning technology today has enabled 37 Actives to utilise Omnilytics’ retail market intelligence platform to make more efficient business decisions.

Data Overview

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In-Stock Categories at 37 Actives

Explore category assortments broken down according to the number of items with the highest stock. The performance of each subcategory is further analysed in percentage value for a better understanding of customer preferences.


Skincare Set



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In-Stock Sizes at 37 Actives

Identify the number of product sizes that are being stocked by your competitors, so you know which size to focus on and better manage your inventory.

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In-Stock Colours at 37 Actives

Determine the quantity of various colours that are being stocked by your competitors, so you can enhance your purchasing decision by knowing which colours sell best.







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Competitor Analysis

Price Architecture

SKU Monitoring

Price Timeline

Replenishment Rates

Colour Profiles

Sizes Breakdown

Discounted Products at 37 Actives

Manage your pricing movements by understanding your competitors’ discount strategies and plan when, what and how to discount your products so you don’t miss out on profitable opportunities.

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Price Architecture
Pricing Strategies at 37 Actives

Discover the price points that are most competitive amongst the brand’s customer base and set your own pricing standards. Make competitor comparisons and know exactly what price to set for your products.

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Recently Added Products at 37 Actives

View the latest retail offerings of your competitors and find out what they are stocking up on. This helps you to manage your inventories and decide the next best course of action.


Extra Rich 37 Extreme Actives, 50ml

USD 405.37


Neck And Décolletage High Performance Anti-Aging Treatment, 60ml

USD 217.92


High Performance Anti-Aging & Firming Serum, 30ml

USD 229.09


The Original 37 Extreme Actives, 30ml

USD 167.63


High Performance Anti-Aging and Filler Lip Treatment, 7ml

USD 89.41


Extra Rich High-Performance Anti-Aging Cream, 30ml

USD 167.63

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