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We’re optimising data to help brands and retailers outsmart the future of retail, because Data is Now.

Who we are

We’re a team of analysts, developers and leaders connected by a mutual passion to challenge the conventions of the retail and technology industry.

What we do

Omnilytics is a market intelligence tool that offers data and insights. The different teams here cooperate on all matters involving coding, developing and researching to achieve one goal: to power the world with data.

Why we do it

We value efficiency through data and analytics because we know that data is now. Recognising the world has shifted towards optimising data, we aim to help brands and retailers bridge the gap because when we succeed, a brand succeeds too.

What we stand for

Purpose Driven

We are highly purpose-driven. It is the core value every employee embodies to inspire growth and development.


Employees are trusted to take full ownership of their responsibilities, actions and decisions. We see every employee as a leader ready to set an exemplary path for others.

Our Problem

Employees are invested in the issues of the company at all levels, believing that responsibilities and contributions are not limited to anyone.

Perpetual Rookie

We remain curious, humble and inquisitive at all times, regarding every task as a learning experience and opportunity.

Drive Out Fear

We value a safe and non-judgemental space for employees to trust, respect and support each other.


With bi-weekly sharing sessions, we never keep employees in the dark about what goes on at Omnilytics.

Why you should work here

Remote Working

Choose to work in any setting you like whether it’d be in a café or at home. We believe a change of space from time to time encourages creativity and productivity.

Flexible Hours

Employees have the freedom to plan their own schedule efficiently and mindfully. The 9 to 5 routine is not necessary when you uphold the ROWE practices.

Educational Support

Each employee is offered a monthly allowance dedicated for training and development because we are invested in our employee’s professional growth.

Well-Stocked Pantry

We know a well-stocked pantry makes everyone happy and productive. Our free flow of snacks and drinks are communal for all employees to consume throughout the day.

Monthly Meals (Lunch Roulette)

Employees are offered a lunch stipend to participate in a monthly lunch tradition where employees can bond over food outside of the office.

No Dress Code

Dressing for work should not be a chore at Omnilytics. Employees are expected to dress presentably but are not bound to a specific dress code.

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