Design & Trend Validation for Accessories
Pre-Season Planning Case Study

Design & Trend Validation for Accessories

Design & Trend Validation for Accessories

Brand A is a leather goods specialist brand that prides itself with classic designs and high-quality workmanship. 


The Problem: Outdated Designs

Over the last 2 seasons, Brand A noticed its bags category, which used to be one of its top-performing categories, had performed poorly and missed its sales forecast. The brand carried out a brief market visit and discovered that the competition was stocking different designs.


The Solution: Monitoring Trends and Bestsellers in Real-time

Brand A then decided to develop a design strategy for the new seasonal launch. To do so, Brand A first turned to Omnilytics for macro-level market insights. They soon discovered that their competitors’ best-sellers greatly differed from their typical collections in terms of designs.


The trending bags in Brand A’s market had a minimalistic design


Instead of bags with loud branding, Brand A realised that the market preferred designs with subtle branding. Digging deeper into the Omnilytics dashboard showed that minimalist tote bag designs were one of the market’s best-sellers, while the mini bags which it ordered in volume was downtrending.


Mini bags were actually downtrending – a category Brand A stocked up on


Brand A then incorporated these valuable insights into designing its new seasonal collection and launched to great success. 

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