Building a Robust Replenishment Process

Building a Robust Replenishment Process

Building a Robust Replenishment Process

Brand R is a contemporary womenswear brand based in Singapore. The brand is led by its founder and designer, who oversees the entire product development process and brand operations. As a design-focused brand, one of the aspects that Brand R lacked was a robust replenishment process.

The Problem: Lack of Visibility to Trade Performance in a Multi-channel Business

Brand R consistently failed to replenish its inventory due to the lack of diligent reporting by its staff as well as buyers from different channels. This had affected its sell-through and inventory greatly.

The brand is distributed via multiple sales channels aside from its own online store – online marketplaces, multi-brand e-tailers and department stores. Among the issues faced by the brand was not having the visibility on sales and stock movement across the multiple sales channels.

The Solution: Constant Product Status Tracking 

To solve these problems, Brand R uses Omnilytics to gain insights into its sales and stock movements. 

With Omnilytics, the brand is able to easily compile data on the sell-out performance of its products on multiple sales channels and identify the best-selling and worst-selling product by each channel. The data also enables it to view the stock movement and availability of a specific product, enabling them to measure speed to sellout and identifying fast-selling sizes which leads to a more accurate and improved replenishment. 

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