Design & Development with Market Insights

Design & Development with Market Insights

Design & Development with Market Insights

Brand H is a specialist Hijab brand that exclusively produces square scarves that serve the mature consumer demographic. The mid-market brand launches a new collection every month with capsule collections for special events or for a celebrity collaboration. 

The Challenge: Designing with the Consumer in Mind

Given the brand’s mature consumer demographic, its in-house fashion designers are constantly challenged to create new print designs that are trending and appeal, without alienating the brand’s loyal customers. 

The Solution: Utilising Data to Research Customer Preferences

To get a better understanding of the Hijab market, the designers at Brand H turned to Omnilytics to guide their product development process.

1. Balancing trends with consumer demands 

The designers at Brand H refer to Omnilytics data to view the major trends across various retailers within the modest wear segment. Inspired by the insights provided by Omnilytics data, the designers are more confident to incorporate relevant and commercial trends into their designs. 

2. Identifying key colour palettes 

An important factor in Hijab design is the application of colour. Prior to using Omnilytics, the designers created a lot of Hijabs in a light colour palette. However, after evaluating its competitors through Omnilytics data, they realised that a darker and bolder colour palette was better suited for the brand’s target audience.

Omnilytics data helped Brand H to better understand the demands of its target market, which has enabled more focused designs that best fulfil the needs of its consumers.

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