Design for a Festive Season

Design for a Festive Season

Design for a Festive Season

Creating an assortment shouldn’t be regarded lightly, even less so if it is aimed to meet specific special occasions such as the festivities in Southeast Asia, which drive peak sales. 

The Problem: Relying on just Internal Data

Brand S learned a costly lesson over its Raya collection last year. The Malaysian hijab brand over-estimated demand based on the feedback received from its customers, which led to overproduction and resulted in excess stock that had to be cleared with steep discounting. 

While internal data provides important insights, it shouldn’t be the only guide when designing and planning an assortment. This year, the brand turned to Omnilytics, using real-time data to build its 2019 Raya collection. 

The Solution: Incorporating Retail Market Insights

The Creative Director of Brand S looked to Omnilytics for the trending styles of the modest wear segment and the relevant competitors’ bestsellers, filtered specifically to the peak trading period of Raya. 

With colour playing an important element in hijab design, Omnilytics further enables deep-dive analysis on up to 10 shades of a primary colour, supported by sell-out performance for each shade.

Colour assortment of Brand S’s competitors
Breakdown of the colour blue by shades

As a result, the hijab brand’s 2019 Raya collection had a stellar performance. With the right colours, the brand stocked up on key colours that proved to be incredibly popular, increasing its sell-outs and profits. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Brand S didn’t need to do a post-Raya sale for the first time since the brand started 3 years ago.

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