Designing & Pricing Decisions with Commercialism

Designing & Pricing Decisions with Commercialism

Designing & Pricing Decisions with Commercialism

A Malaysian couple left behind the pharmaceutical industry to launch their own hijab brand, known as Brand S, in 2014. Being new to an unfamiliar fashion segment, the founders used instinct to make decisions – it was fast and easy. 

However, the danger of relying on instinct is that it’s often a hit-or-miss scenario. When it’s a hit, it’s hard to replicate the same success in the future. When it’s a miss, the brand ends up with heavy discounting to clear unsold inventory, which affects profitability and brand image. 

The Challenges

Problem #1 – Designing on Instinct

The brand’s Creative Director resorted to relying on gut-feel after having faced many difficulties in researching for modest wear trends which were very limited back then. Without proper validation of consumer demand and trending styles, the brand frequently faced overstocking issues. 

Problem #2 – Wrong Pricing 

“We noticed that our customers often only purchase the hijabs at a discount – rarely at full-price,” says one of the founders. “This is a clear indication that we’re not pricing right.”

The Solution

Design Inspiration and Trend Validation

As for the main designer, she is now an avid user of Omnilytics Trends Performance. As a result, she is better equipped with market insights, trending styles and top-performing colours in the Muslimah market. 

Uptrending and downtrending styles of Muslimah tops

Pricing It Right

Through Omnilytics, the brand has real-time access to competitors’ bestsellers and price points, which has enabled an effective and competitive price ladder setting. Further success was observed with the right pricing application when the Raya Collection 2019 sold out completely – and the brand didn’t need to do any post-Raya discounts. 

Since starting with Omnilytics six months ago, the brand doubled its sales – and it’s all made possible with data-backed, informed decisions derived from the Omnilytics Dashboard. 

“We used to operate based on instinct and hunches but with Omnilytics, we can now analyse our market in-depth and predict demand.”

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