Drive Consistent Sell-Out with Actionable Insights

Drive Consistent Sell-Out with Actionable Insights

Drive Consistent Sell-Out with Actionable Insights

Brand W is a fast-fashion reseller that focuses on trendy and stylish womenswear. Established in 2018, the brand owner travels overseas every two months to curate and search for each product to stock on its website. 



The problem: Understanding consumer demands

Previously, the brand owner would only stock items that were promoted by social media influencers.  However, the brand quickly encountered a problem where the majority of these products were not suited for its target market nor its brand image, which resulted in inconsistent product performance.

The solution: Strategic assortment planning

To solve this issue, Brand W refers to Omnilytics to create a strategic assortment plan that would fulfil the needs of its target consumer.

  • Identify up-trending designs 

Brand W uses Omnilytics data to spot leading trends within its segment. By viewing the assortment of major market leaders, they were able to identify dominant trends within various categories and sub-categories to find out which areas of design they should prioritise before planning their assortment.

  • Analyse best-selling designs

With Omnilytics, Brand W is also able to analyse the assortment of its competitors to highlight product styles that are driving high sellout. These insights into best-selling and worst-selling products allow the brand to adapt and integrate the popular designs for its market while avoiding unfavourable ones.

  • Assemble the right assortment plan 

Once the data on key trends and best-sellers are compiled, brand W is able to benchmark its own product performance against the product performance of market-leaders to determine the right assortment plan for its market.



This assortment plan will then guide the buying process to streamline any manual and laborious methods the brand was using before.

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