Essential Range Opportunity

Essential Range Opportunity

Essential Range Opportunity

Brand Z is a modest wear brand based in Southeast Asia, which has seen lacklustre performance over the last few seasons, despite the increasing popularity of modest fashion in the region.


The Problem: Missing Out on Essentials

Brand Z turned to Omnilytics to gain insights on competitors’ activities within the region, specifically to spot any missing opportunity in terms of product assortment. One of the glaring gaps that it soon discovered, was that most of the modest wear brands carry an essential range that is available all-year-round (also known as basics). 


The Solution: Data-backed Decisions in Building an Essential Range

With Omnilytics, Brand Z promptly identified recurring bestsellers of essential ranges across multiple other brands to draw inspirations for its own new essential range. Brand Z further analysed the performance of these bestsellers overtime to draw insights and validation for its designs.


An overview of the bestselling colours 


An overview of the bestselling modest styles


The brand finally launched its first modest wear essential range last year in 2018 to great success, delivering volume sales and increasing profitability.


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