Evolving from Hijab to Ready-To-Wear

Evolving from Hijab to Ready-To-Wear

Evolving from Hijab to Ready-To-Wear

A popular 3-year-old Malaysian hijab label, Brand S, felt that it was time to advance into Ready-to-Wear (RTW) collections, after receiving numerous enquiries about apparel offerings beyond just hijabs.

The Challenge: Designing for a New Market

The brand’s Creative Director was tasked with developing the first RTW collection. However, having been at the helm of designing solely hijabs in the past 3 years, the Creative Director shared some major concerns. 

“Designing for RTW is far more challenging than designing for a hijab,” said the Creative Director. “For a hijab, the main components are the materials and colours on standard shapes such as square scarves or shawls. RTW, however, involves more “moving” factors such as silhouettes, cuts and fits… these are areas that are new to me.” 

The Solution: Adapting Quicker with Data

To help ease the transition into the huge but exciting task ahead, the brand turned to Omnilytics. The design team began work with Competitor Benchmarking and Trends Performance modules to obtain both macro and micro views of fashion…

  • Trending patterns and prints
  • Appropriate silhouettes for the target consumer
  • Key performing categories and sub-categories
  • Best-selling SKUs, colours and shades
  • Competitive pricing
Trending Muslimah products from Brand S’s competitors

After gaining a deeper understanding of what was trending in fashion and the local competitive landscape, the team then set out to craft the creative strategy for the brand’s first RTW collection. The Creative Director was mindful to advise and select designs with a commercial mindset after learning about competitors’ sell-out performance on Omnilytics.

With data-backed decisions, the brand’s first-ever RTW collection sold out faster than expected – in under an hour. What’s more, the brand image strengthened, as Brand S became known to provide the right products, with the right price, and at the right time. 

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