Innovating Through Technology with Strategy and Focus

Innovating Through Technology with Strategy and Focus

Innovating Through Technology with Strategy and Focus

This Malaysian fashion brand first opened its doors to the public in 2008, promising an array of assortments for the youth market to experiment and develop their own style. However, after 11 years, Brand K soon realised that it has digressed from its original brand promise. 

The Problem: Failing to Innovate

The internal teams have not progressed with time and continued to rely on intuition for decision-making, especially in assortment planning. They often referred only to historical data, which led to the designers having produced similar designs and styles with minimal differentiation. 

As a result, Brand K had been missing the sales target and lost out to the competition. 

To combat this, the brand turned to Omnilytics. 

The Solution: Designing with Validated Trends

With the initial brand promise in mind, Brand K began incorporating the Omnilytics Dashboard in all of its decision-making. 

1. Research & Designing

To avoid repeating slow-sellers and creating redundant styles, the design team referred to Omnilytics Trends Performance module to research both local and global markets for trending styles, popular prints and in-demand colours, to be incorporated into a new collection. 

2. Merchandising

The merchandising team utilised a combination of Omnilytics Competitor Benchmarking and Pricing Analysis modules to study the market’s top-performing categories and price architecture, as well as the competitors’ assortment mix and trade performance to develop product and pricing strategies.

Competitors’ assortment mix and pricing architecture

With real-time data at their fingertips, the designers and merchandisers launched a credible new collection with prominent key categories, styles and colours that directly appeal to the brand’s target customers.

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