Meet Demand with Market Insights and Analytics

Meet Demand with Market Insights and Analytics

Meet Demand with Market Insights and Analytics

Brand C is a womenswear plus-size brand that specialises in both contemporary and classic styles. The brand first started as a blog shop that catered to the masses, but quickly saw an opportunity for the plus-sized market and shifted its business strategy. 

However, Brand C soon found that its business decisions failed to lead the brand to meet its sales goals. 

The Problem: Lack of Planning and Trade Monitoring

While tailing fashion, plus-size remained a niche market, especially in the Southeast Asian region. Merely translating fashion’s trending pieces into plus-sizes can lead to costly mistakes if the designs or trends are not validated with data. 

Brand C learned this important lesson when it stocked up on Bomber Jacket designs at a time when the jackets were showing a downtrend in Omnilytics. The brand soon faced overstocking issues and resorted to heavy markdowns to clear unsold inventory which compromised profitability.

To gain data-driven insights on current market demands, Brand C looked to Omnilytics. 

The Solution: Spot Design Opportunities & Improve Trade Executions 

With Omnilytics, Brand C not only identifies uptrending styles within its immediate market but also leading brands around the globe for design inspirations tailored for plus-size women.

Uptrending styles for plus-size womenswear

To avoid repeating the same mistakes, Brand C is also more diligent in monitoring trade, learning from the industry’s best practices as provided in the Omnilytics Fashion Academy. Equipped with the right knowledge and tool, Brand C improved trade with data-validated designs and informed decisions on inventory management.

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