Merging Creativity and Commercialism through Data

Merging Creativity and Commercialism through Data

Merging Creativity and Commercialism through Data

Brand O is a contemporary fashion brand that focuses on conceptual womenswear. The designer of the brand is highly inspired by shapes and patterns with a strong emphasis on garment construction. Established in 2009, the brand has formed an iconic and distinctive style of utilising patchwork and prints in its design executions.

The Problem: Translating Conceptual Designs to Commercial Everyday Wear

Brand O has built a substantial following with its highly conceptual pieces, however, the founder realised that the brand had low scalability. At the same time, new contemporary brands are entering the same product space, so the brand could foresee stiff competition in the near future.

To expand its customer base and increase market share, a strategic assortment expansion is necessary. 

However, the main challenge was: how does the brand adapt to a wider consumer target while retaining the signature style that it’s known for?

The Solution: Creating a Commercial Merchandising Strategy

The brand referred to Omnilytics to re-strategise its collections. 

  1. Identifying commercial designs 

To understand what design styles drove high sell-out, the designer of the brand first dived into the trade performance of other competitors with similar aesthetics. Omnilytics allowed them to gain insights into each competitor brand, down to subcategories and SKU performance.

  1. Colour story selection 

Once the designs were validated, the designer refers to Omnilytics again to identify the top trending colours within a relevant market. The data findings enabled the designer to produce variations of the brand’s signature prints and patterns in colours that were commercially successful. 

The key solution to the brand’s issues is to balance new market demand without losing sight of its signature styles. Data has the ability to bridge that gap by providing a detailed and accurate analysis of the products being offered by the market leaders of that segment. This information guides the designers on how to apply commercial aspects to their products while still maintaining their creative signature.

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