New Category Planning

New Category Planning

New Category Planning

Brand N is a Malaysian womenswear brand, established in 2013. Its overall aesthetic and brand image is heavily inspired by fashion trends from South Korea, with an emphasis on pretty and feminine clothing catered to young women. 

The Problem: Determining the Right Assortment Mix

After having success with in-house designed apparel, Brand N was interested in driving growth by extending its range to include bags. 

As its first venture into producing non-apparel items, Brand N understood the importance of quickly learning about market requirements and the competitive landscape of the bags segment before embarking on product development.

The Solution: Analyse Market Leaders within a Segment

Brand N uses Omnilytics data to find inspiration and insights on the latest bag trends. The extensive data on brands, both locally and globally, allows it to identify popular and unpopular bag designs with ease.

With further insights on sell-out, new-in and replenished frequencies garnered from Omnilytics data, Brand N was able to save time on research and minimise risk by narrowing down bag designs and finishes that reflect true demand.

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