Optimise Assortment to Drive Growth

Optimise Assortment to Drive Growth

Optimise Assortment to Drive Growth

An Indonesian designer launched her namesake brand back in 2009, within just a year after graduating from fashion school. Today Brand R is a modestwear fashion brand that is known for its printed clothing. The brand has since extended its womenswear to various collections, including a premium range, essentials and petites, as well as expanding into menswear and kidswear. 

As the brand continues to grow, the designer realised the importance of not just keeping up with the latest trends, but also the need to structure a commercial assortment strategy. 

Problem 1: Dominant Prints 

While its batik-inspired prints are very successful on the Indonesian market, the design team continuously seeks validation for translating the prints into wearable pieces, including the right cuts and trending silhouettes. The prints will not drive sales unless incorporated into commercial products.

Problem 2: Under-potentialised Category Mix

The categories that the brand invested in were predominantly tops, especially tunics and long-sleeved styles. There was a minimal assortment across bottoms, ethnicwear and scarves – the other categories that make up the modestwear segment were not optimized. 

The brand struggled to stock the right categories for each collection, with the ratio between tops and bottoms frequently guided by internal historical data and gut-feel – which often failed to meet the sales forecast. 

Solution 1: Pairing Prints with Trending Silhouettes

With Omnilytics, the design team now gets an overview of the bestselling products to identify key attributes such as silhouettes, finishings, cuts and sizes. 

An overview of the bestselling products

What’s more, the data isn’t limited to the Indonesian market – they look to international brands and market leaders to identify and validate designs. 

Solution 2: Ideal Assortment Width

Omnilytics also provides actionable insights on competitors’ assortment width, broken down to category and subcategory, which enables Brand R to develop and stock its own ideal mix ratios with confidence. 

Competitors’ assortment breakdown

This allowed them to optimise stock inventory, as the brand now knows which product to pay more attention to.

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