Refine Brand Strategy with Retail Best Practices

Refine Brand Strategy with Retail Best Practices

Refine Brand Strategy with Retail Best Practices

Brand D launched its business with the aim to deliver fast fashion at affordable prices. The Malaysian brand operates on a resell business model and sources clothing from wholesalers that fit its brand image. 

However, the founders soon faced challenges that were hindering business growth.

The Challenge: Veering Off Course

As time passed, the founders realised that the brand’s product assortment skewed largely towards the lingerie category because the category was selling better compared to others.

This has led the brand to become known as a lingerie brand to consumers – which wasn’t aligned with the brand’s original identity and objectives. 

The brand eventually expanded into other niche categories (namely activewear and swimwear), adding more confusion to its original mission to be fast fashion-focused. If these issues persist, Brand D will lose its competitive edge and turned irrelevant in the market it had intended to serve.

This led the founders to re-strategise to return its focus to fashion. To shift into the right gear, Brand D looks to Omnilytics. 

The Solution: Getting it Right from the Beginning

Before diving right into creating a new assortment, the founders decided to take a step back and equip themselves with the best retail practices from Omnilytics Fashion Academy, starting with Business Planning and Building a Brand Identity, before embarking on the more technical courses such as Merchandise Planning and Buying and Trade Performance Review.

The founders then applied key learnings on the Omnilytics Dashboard, to successfully steer the brand back to driving focus on fast fashion, backed by effective merchandising and prompt replenishment.

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