Spot Trends, Not Fads

Spot Trends, Not Fads

Spot Trends, Not Fads

Specialising in signature-cut clothing suitable for corporate and social meetings, Brand D’s aesthetic is classic style with a modern twist, perfect for women with an understated yet sophisticated fashion sense.

The Challenge: Keeping Up With Seasonality

Even though its main customers are mostly middle-aged women in corporate professions, Brand D needs to stay up-to-date with seasonal trends to remain competitive and relevant. 

However, in a bid to keep offering newness, the brand eventually ended up stocking almost every trend that appeared to be making waves on social media.

This move led to more misses than hits, as not every ‘trend’ seen online translates to sales in retail, and not every trend appeals to its discerning customer base. 

The Solution: Validating Trends

To ensure that relevant newness is offered, Brand D looks to Omnilytics data to first validate trends.

Before developing new designs, the designers of Brand D refer to Omnilytics for macro-level insights on what is trending, by keyword and category at market-leading brands. 

Trending fast fashion products

The design team then deep-dives into product bestsellers, browsing thousands of style aesthetics and colours by simply navigating on Omnilytics.

Finally, valuable insights are extracted and incorporated into designing a new seasonal collection. Brand D was able to capture the interest of its consumers with the right balance of newness and produced an assortment that both represented their signature aesthetic and nodded to current fashion trends.

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