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Always wanted to create your own clothing brand but never knew where to begin? What products should I sell? How should I price them to be competitive? How do I create a brand identity so strong that it would give Supreme a run for their money? Can I actually turn my brand into a business that generates strong profits and supports me? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this info-packed ebook will help you address them and bring you one step closer to your goal.

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It’s possible to start a clothing line that can become your full-time career.

I’m Barry. I built Twenty3, a fashion eCommerce brand with my partner in 2015. Within a year, we grew from our initial capital of USD2,500 to over USD1 million in annual revenue. The brand later became the highest-ranked non-marketplace, non-Muslimah women’s fashion website in Malaysia. With my background in economics, I kickstarted the business intelligence team in Twenty3, where we used a data-driven approach to help us get ahead of our competitors.

Today, I am the Head of Fashion Analytics at Omnilytics, helping brands and retailers to understand the power of data. I’ve also coached many individuals who have since gone on to create successful businesses, some - who, like me - have had no prior experience in fashion. I created this step-by-step ebook for everyone who has ever dreamt of starting their own clothing line. It’s possible, I promise.

“Launching your own fashion brand doesn’t have to be difficult.”

Have these challenges or worries ever hindered you from starting your own clothing line?
  • “I don’t have enough starting capital.”
  • “I lack the technical knowledge to create a website.”
  • “I don’t know where to purchase my stock.”
  • “I can’t find a manufacturer.”
  • “I have no fashion marketing experience.”
  • “I don’t know how to create a pricing strategy.”

“I can relate.”

Because I’ve been there too. I’ll be frank, you will face challenges along the way. It’s part and parcel of every entrepreneurs’ journey, regardless of industry. That being said, as long as you take things step-by-step, there’s nothing you cannot achieve. I wish I had this ebook when I began my fashion entrepreneurship journey. It would’ve prepared me for the curveballs that came my way and helped me and my business avoid costly mistakes.

This is precisely why I decided to write an ebook; so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. Instead, you can apply the learnings I’ve gained and fast track your path to building a successful clothing line of your own.

How To Start A Clothing Line: $0 To $10,000

Chase your passion and build your career in fashion entrepreneurship. Learn the steps to starting your very own clothing line from scratch; everything from branding to marketing and logistics. Cover all your bases in this comprehensive ebook, based on my personal experiences, mistakes and learnings as the former CEO of a leading fast fashion brand Southeast Asia.


  • Knowledge to get to your first USD10,000 in sales
  • Understand the business model that’s right for you
  • Learn to create a strong brand identity
  • Determine your target audience
  • Discover how to create your first collection
  • Find out how to drive traffic to your website
  • Learn how to position yourself against competitors
  • Determine the best sales channels
  • Understand how to utilise influencers to your advantage
  • Tried and tested marketing and promotion ideas
  • Case studies of brands you can learn from
  • … and much more

“The guidance and tools in the book that Barry & Omnilytics offer are great for anyone looking to launch their own successful clothing line.”

— Ming
(Co-founder, Liberty Active)

“I’ve had countless individuals ask me for advice on how to start a brand of their own. The tips in this ebook are pretty much the same ones I would share with them!”

— Veen Dee Tan
(Former Head of Marketing, FashionValet)

I spent many weeks putting together the content in this ebook. It’s an output from my years of experience in the fashion retail industry; first as a brand owner and now as a consultant to other major companies through Omnilytics.

So, ready to make your dream a reality?

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Starting a business- any business- involves taking a leap of faith. See what others just like you have to say about how this ebook has helped them in their own entrepreneurial journey.

“I’ve wanted to start my own fashion label for years but got so overwhelmed every time I tried- I had no clear idea of where and how to begin. The ebook laid it out so simply yet comprehensively, and gave me the confidence to finally launch my business last year!”

— Erica Lee, Singapore

“My biggest roadblock has always been with marketing. I had no prior experience but I’ve since learned (and successfully executed!) various marketing campaign tactics that have helped me achieve $15,000 average monthly sales.”

— Gemma Kent, United Kingdom

“I read this ebook just before launching my drop shipping business a while back and I still find myself referring to it constantly till today.”

— Daniel Jenkins, United States

“I wish I had discovered this sooner! Then I wouldn’t have waited so long to kickstart my business!”

— Claudia Sugiyanti, Indonesia

About Omnilytics

Omnilytics is a market intelligence company that offers data analytics and insights to help brands and retailers across multiple industries make informed decisions with speed, accuracy and precision. With insights from over 100 million product SKUs across more than 75,000 brands and retailers, Omnilytics has been touted by The Business Times as the first fashion analytics company in South-east Asia making revolutionary changes in the fashion industry.

By tracking real-time data on the global market, Omnilytics offers brands and retailers the opportunity to base their decisions on solid facts and tangible data. The power of data is even more prominent now than before and businesses can no longer ignore the need for an organised system that truly works.

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