28th November, 2018

January - September 2018 • Beauty

Top Influencers in Singapore: Medium Segment

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Results from Google Trends have shown that searches for the term “influencer marketing” has seen a 400% increase within the past two years, proving its imminent urgency for businesses to adapt to this method of marketing. Singapore is a prime example, ranking second in the list of countries with high interest.

However, the small island yields a sizable number of social media influencers, holding different follower demographics, content, interests and brand affiliations. Brands looking to work with such influencers are spoiled for choices but picking the right influencer is crucial in order to ensure an effective partnership or endorsement. Brands should be able to tap into the correct target audience by understanding the follower demographics of influencers.

In this report, Omnilytics’ data solution was used to obtain crucial figures of the top influencers in Singapore, differentiated by tiers based off their follower count and engagement rates. Principal data behind each profile, like brand affiliation history, followers demographic and interests, are included – giving you a clear understanding if the influencer fits the bill for your business.

The data obtained for this reports was extracted from Instagram between the months of January to September 2018. A total of 62 profiles were analysed. Notable medium influencers from Singapore were analysed, such as Saffron Sharpe, Narelle Kheng and Munah Bagharib.

Key takeaways

  • Influencers Ranking – Amongst 62 profiles, discover who is leading the medium influencers segment according to their Instagram engagement rate.
  • Brand Affiliations – Evaluate influencers based on the industry and brands they are commonly affiliated with.
  • Target Audience – Ensure the right audience is reached by assessing the relevancy of influencers’ followers’ demographic.

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