Zalora Singles’ Day Sales in Malaysia

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were once the golden sales period - until the 11.11 sales arrived. Read the report to find out how Zalora, the biggest e-commerce platform in Malaysia, performed during this 'Global Shopping Holiday'.

Written by OmnilyticsDecember 14, 2018

Online Traffic Performance

Malaysia’s biggest e-commerce platform for fashion, Zalora, recorded the highest traffic in November this year, specifically over Singles’ Day – drawing in 104,583 visitors[1]. Zalora kick-started its campaign a week earlier on 2nd November, with the tagline “Make A Wish this #1111ZaloraMY”[2].


Lacklustre Sentiment

In comparison with the previous year, 2018 traffic to Zalora Malaysia had significantly paled, with a 38% decrease or 64,509 fewer visitors in the week leading up to 11th November.

The reason for the decline was due to the shift in consumer spending – as more were stocking up on daily essentials and preferring to splurge on gadgets.

Our web data analysis showed that this year saw 11x more searches for general merchandising goods compared to clothing items, with 18x more visitors flocking to Lazada and 8x more visitors to Shopee[1].


Focus on Fashion

It is still prevalent to offer insights on Zalora Single’s Day trade, as the regional marketplace remains as Malaysia’s no. 1 online destination in 2018 for fashion apparel[3].



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content image-2 Zalora Singles’ Day Sales in Malaysia


4,995 SKUs of 100,750 total womenswear SKUs went out-of-stock on 11.11, constituting to a 5.0% sell-out rate.


Top 5 Categories with the Highest Sell-Out

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Activewear



Total SKU count during the week of 11.11 increased minimally against prior week by less than 1% but drove 6x higher sell-out. Sell-out for discounted products skyrocketed by 7x with 4,240 SKUs, while full-price sell-out increased to 755 SKUs, a 3x jump from the previous week. This demonstrated the opportunity to drive full price products – if the relevant assortment is offered.

Mango was the leading brand for womenswear, clearing out 10.5% of its total womenswear assortment, followed by Dorothy Perkins at 8.1% and Zalora private label at 7.5%. There were also other notable brands that achieved good results on key metrics, as shown in the subsequent pages.

Beauty did not perform up to par, despite being the 5th largest category in SKU volume, with less than 1% sell-out.

content image-3 Zalora Singles’ Day Sales in Malaysia

Category Analysis: Tops

Overall, there were 6x more sell-outs for tops in the week of 11.11 compared to the prior week, with the price range of RM 75 – RM 100 delivering the most sell-out amongst 78 brands.



Dorothy Perkins had the highest sell-out volume at a higher price band (refer to Chart 5). However, Mango and Topshop had higher sell-out rates at 8.6% and 7.6% respectively (refer to Chart 7).



Tops from Pomelo and ShopsFashion observed the largest gap between sell-out vs. total assortment, with sell-out rates at under 2%.


Chart 5: Top 3 Brands by Sell-Out SKUs

Dorothy Perkins contributed to a large portion of sell-out products at a higher price range but also at higher discounts.


content image-4 Zalora Singles’ Day Sales in Malaysia

Bestsellers and Slow-Movers by Brand: Tops

Bestsellers (Top 3 images)

Scored based on high replenishment and sell-out frequencies approaching 11.11.


Slow-movers (Bottom 3 images)

Scored based on lack of movement yet highly discounted SKUs approaching 11.11.

content image-5 Zalora Singles’ Day Sales in Malaysia

Category Analysis: Dresses

There were 5x more sell-outs for dresses in the week of 11.11 compared to the prior week, with a price range of RM 125 – RM 150 delivering the most sell-out amongst 48 brands.



Zalora may have driven the highest sell-out (refer Chart 8), but the real winner was Mango as the brand not only drove higher sell-out rate but at a selling price 1.7x higher, which positioned itself at a sales advantage (refer Chart 10).



Dresses from Penshoppe and Pomelo observed the largest gap between sell-out and total SKUs (less than 3% sell-out rate).


Chart 8: Top 3 Brands by Sell-Out SKUs

Zalora contributed the highest sell-out at the lowest price range.

content image-5 Zalora Singles’ Day Sales in Malaysia

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