In the face of Coronavirus, how can data help your business?

The fashion industry is in turmoil as the Coronavirus epidemic wages on.

The outbreak began in late 2019, affecting more than 110,000 people and spreading to 115 countries. China, the epicentre of the virus, is an important hub for clothing manufacturing and also home to roughly one-third of the world’s luxury consumers.

Buyers, merchants, designers, manufacturers and suppliers are experiencing the ripple effect throughout the global fashion ecosystem.

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Implications of the crisis

We analysed the impact of the crisis globally and validated them against market data. Below are the key implications that we’ve covered in our report:

  • Brick-and-mortar sales hit severely

    Brands reported an 80% drop in footfall traffic.
  • Luxury bracing for the worst

    Research predicts losses to reach €40 billion.
  • Fast-fashion under pressure

    Low footfall forcing retailers to markdown new arrivals.
  • Supply-chains disrupted

    Prolonged factory closures indicate delay in stock deliveries.
  • Shoppers go digital

    Social media emerged as a vital way to keep consumers engaged.

Leverage data to help you:

  • Gain full visibility

    of your stock performance at the tip of your fingers.
  • Diversify your supply-chain

    by re-locating the right products to alternative production sources.
  • Strengthen your allocation strategy

    by re-forecasting the right products to the right markets.
Business of Fashion Hero

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