From staff training to improving conversions rate, operations cover a multitude of tasks. Go behind the scenes and grasp the best strategies in operations.

Ask anyone in operations and they’ll tell you the many things they need to care for. The sales and customer service, how to upkeep a retail store, managing equipment and stocks…. for anyone new to this – it can be daunting.


Which is why our course here breaks the path to operations in easy steps for you, where you’ll learn the day-to-day lives of someone in operations. If you’re someone that’s already in the field, then this course will guide you through the best strategies to use across every task.

What you’ll learn
  • How to set operational KPIs for the team
  • Improving conversions
  • How to do space management in retail
  • Hiring and training staffs
  • The key guidelines to upkeep a storefront
Chapters in this course
  • 9.1 Role of an operations manager
  • 9.2 Online operations – Operational KPIs & customer service
  • 9.3 Offline sales and customer service
  • 9.4 Staff management
  • 9.5 Retail standards upkeep
  • 9.6 Back-of-house management and stock processing
  • 9.7 Cash handling
  • 9.8 Stocktake
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Reading list & references
Pricing tiers
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