Performance Review

Identify new ways to grow by tracking sales performances and the inventory levels of an assortment.

Now that your products are finally available for purchase, let us divert to the matter of sales. It is time to evaluate the outcome of your prior efforts with performance review in order to stay on top of the state of your business.


Through this course, you’ll also learn the importance of inventory management and how to review your brand’s performance. Have an absolute firm grasp on the movement of your items. Learn how to maintain a healthy moving inventory and avoid issues like overstocking.

What you’ll learn
  • How to plan stocks to maximise the contribution
  • Avoid over or understocking
  • Determining success factors for your brand’s sales achievements
  • What factors to track for your inventory and brand
Chapters in this course
  • 10.1 Why do you need to do performance review?
  • 10.2 Tracking actual performance
  • 10.3 Periodic commercial meeting
  • 10.4 Transfer stocks and fulfil replenishment
  • 10.5 Compile seasonal lessons learnt
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Reading list & references
Pricing tiers
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