Masterclass For Brand Owners:Omnilytics’ Fashion Merchandising Masterclass

This industry's strategies are changing and competition has never been fiercer. If you want to grow your brand today there is one answer: excel in fashion merchandising. Start now.

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"Up to 60% growth can be achieved through merchandise planning."

Are you doing everything, yet failing to drive growth?

You may have the right product but...

In the wrong market

You may have the right product but...

At the wrong price

You may have the right product but...

In the wrong colour

Why do so many businesses fail after a few years? They lack systems and processes.

underpotentialised sales

Underpotentialised sales

Without having the right information, you run the risk of facing missed opportunities in your assortment, pricing or markdowns.
trend adoption at the wrong timing

Trend adoption at the wrong timing

Without proper trend validation, products designed by gut-instinct result in the wrong assortment.
missing business and product strategies

Missing business and product strategies

With the high volatility of trade, it’s tough to innovate quickly to continuously grow.
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Introducing: Omnilytics’ Fashion Merchandising Masterclass

A comprehensive and concise video course on in-season management. You'll learn how to build a structured retail business process as the foundation for your growth.

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Meet Your Mentors

Elaine Low, Industry Professional
Aniq Wafi, Retail Specialist

Elaine is an industry professional with 15+ years of retail expertise in merchandising, who previously worked at Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gap and Banana Republic.

She, along with Aniq Wafi, who worked at Self-Portrait and Saint Laurent, will be taking you through the masterclass, including:
  • The process of merchandising
  • How to improve your current merchandising process
  • How to read WSSI - an important tool in retail
  • Using real-time market insights for competitor analysis
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A Business Solution That Lasts

Want an expert to show you how Omnilytics could work for you? We'd love to walk you through the ways the industry is using our software.

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