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Transforming retail, one decision at a time

Omnilytics sets retailers ahead of the competition with deep and actionable insights that power decision-making.

Retail is changing

As the industry gets increasingly competitive and consumers become more informed, these combined factors have led to the demise of many household retailers in recent years. Brands no longer dictate what’s in and what’s not. The roles have flipped - consumers are in control. Lacking accurate market information, retailers make important decisions with guesswork.

But, there is a better way

The brands that will succeed are those that can detect early trends’ signals, act fast and meet customer demands ahead of the competition.

This is why Omnilytics was created.
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We are committed to


We move and support businesses to act with precision and speed.


We seek out new paths and endlessly question status quo.


We’re industry experts who are thorough and meticulous.


Our data is valuable, but our insight is priceless.

The Omnilytics Team

Kendrick Wong

CEO, Co-founder
Avatar Kendrick Wong

Yin Sylvia

COO & Co-founder
Avatar Yin Sylvia

Nikolai Prettner

Director of Design & Co-founder
Avatar Nikolai Prettner

Mohammad Mahboubian

Chief Technical Officer
Avatar Mohammad Mahboubian

James Smith

Director of Data Science
Avatar James Smith

Amelia Teh

Director of Business Intelligence
Avatar Amelia Teh

Hui Chin Teoh

Director of Client Success
Avatar Hui Chin Teoh