Merchandising Strategies for the New Normal

Covid-19's impact on consumer preferences has necessitated a new set of merchandising strategies. This report provides key insights for assortment planning in the ‘new normal’.

Keep Up with Merchandising's New Normal

In this report, more than 200,000 data points were screened from January to May 2020 vs. 2019 to analyse fast fashion retailers like Asos, Boohoo, Zara and H&M in the UK market.
Topics covered: 

  • Merits of leveraging high growth categories and subcategories
  • Zara’s case study on dynamic pricing
  • Compact seasonality
  • Demand-driven supply chains
  • Next steps for brands

“It’s important to understand where you are at the moment, analysing what is happening with your sales and stock, and then looking at stock management strategies and initiatives.”

Sarah Johnson

Ex-Head of Merchandising and Head of Retail for China at Asos

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