Make informed business decisions with 360° market visibility

Have access to vast amounts of competitor & market data via our API.

Customized to Your Business Needs

Is your analysis restricted by rigid formats on fashion data platforms or irrelevant information? With Data API, you have the flexibility to customise the data you analyse by choosing to surface the most useful information to your business.

Ease of Analysis

No more relying on separate platforms to perform your market analysis. Centralise your analysis by integrating competitor data into any existing application you are using to streamline processes.

Collect Data Efficiently

Gathering competitor data manually is time-consuming. Automate data collection by letting Omnilytics Data API do all the work, leaving more time to focus on generating revenue.

How our client uses Omnilytics Data API services

logo mr price
Mr Price utilises our Data API services to gather data on retail store locations in South Africa. They turned data into a store location tracker to identify new store opportunities.
logo fast retailing
Fast Retailing group utilises our Data API services to gather data on retail brands in the eCommerce space. The insights allow them to identify new product opportunities and strategies.
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G2Crowd 4.4 Rating
“Using Omnilytics data we gain a better understanding of the geographical layout of retail stores. This allows us to identify new store opportunities, trading areas and cannibalization zones.”
Jason Du Randt, BI Solution Manager

Price & Product Match Features

25 billion data points
4 years' worth of data history
Matching results in JSON format
Data can be refreshed 2/day
Rich API Docs
Note: If API is not an option for you, we can provide batch data feeds uploaded to public available storage e.g. cloud storage (S3 Bucket).

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