Boost revenue with improved product discovery

Detailed product description and attribute tagging with the Omnilytics Fashion Taxonomy.

Enhanced Product Descriptions

Not getting conversions online? Move away from generic product descriptions and get granular with unique attributes. Understanding which silhouette, fit and length is driving sales is the key to optimising your assortment.

Improved Product Search & Discovery

With unique and searchable attributes, your products will have greater visibility. Products that are easily discoverable and accurately meet the customers’ needs are more likely to sell.

Automated Product Tagging

Are your products often mislabelled due to human error? We eliminate manual product cataloguing and correct labelling errors with taxonomy driven by image and text recognition. Tagging products becomes simpler, faster and more accurate than ever.

Available Data Points

19 data points
Sub Category
430 data points
267 data points
44 data points
Sleeve Length
5 data points
Sleeve Type
9 data points
Toe Shape
5 data points
Waist Rise
3 data points
Bra Support
3 data points
Denim Finishes
6 data points
42 data points
44 data points
+ Over 78 additional Data Points

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