The science
behind our data

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Accuracy is key

One of Omnilytics’ key values is accuracy. The data obtained has been tested internally against the biggest retailers worldwide. Our teams strive to ensure our data is both reliable and precise, down to the last digits. A dedicated QA team is always on the look-out for data inconsistencies and unusual occurrences that may happen in the market. As a double verification, the implementation of our monitoring system will alert us of any discrepancies.

Omnilytics allows you to unravel in-depth information that is customisable. With the dashboard, you are able to drill down numbers and uncover the source of every point you see. No oversights or loopholes.

Collecting the data

As you are counting on our services to make crucial business decisions, it’s important for us to have transparency and explain how Omnilytics gather data.

The data you see here goes through a seamless process. Before converting to usable data, our data mining team obtains raw materials from the worldwide web. Or in other words, they do web scraping. Incorporating machine learning technology, the “crawler robots” on Omnilytics are built with the ability to visit websites and understand public information that are readily available. Every day, the automated crawlers would read a few hundred different pages, covering both brands and retailers across the globe. It then extracts product information such as discounts, prices, sizes and colours. To ensure accurate results, our team will always conduct a thorough inspection before releasing to the dashboard.

With the presence of more retailer omnichannels, we are able to provide real-time market insights and at the same time, conduct qualitative research to determine additional crawlers or data-collecting methods that will best meet your specific needs.

Analysing & monitoring the data

Using machine learning, the crawlers do more than just read and collect information. Besides utilising keyword analysis and object detection, it is also trained to analyse through image recognition. For instance, when presented an image of a model wearing a red dress, the automated software is capable of distinguishing the model and the dress, and even recognises the type of clothing.

Additionally, the system will then read the product description and detect the type of object according to styles, materials and colours. To enhance the data, our team of data science experts will generate additional quality checks. This includes standardising colour terms and product categories with deep learning technology. Every data collected and analysed undergoes constant monitoring, so that real-time updates such as price movements, sudden purchasing spikes and sellouts are only a click away.

Displaying the data

Raw data can often be complicating. Which is why our team transforms those data points into visual elements for a more pleasant experience. We convert them into charts, graphs and colours so you don’t have to. In fact, the data you see on the dashboard may have sudden changes every few hours. This is because the data is reflected in real-time. Our team updates the information on a daily basis, as we know that product stocks are ever-changing.

Apart from the Omnilytics dashboard, we are also able to create detailed reports to assist clients in analysing crucial data points. No matter what you may use the dashboard for - be it to compare price ranges or analysing sellout rates - our platform will provide clear and concise insights to guide your business decisions. With specialised teams and the latest technology, all that is required to access the dashboard is just a login. No IT integration required, promise.

Seeing the data

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