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Omnilytics is designed to match a variety of business needs with data-backed retail insights.

Fashion Designers

Design products based on market demands and fashion trends

  • Create a better product assortment

  • Covers mass market, ready-to-wear and haute couture

  • Determine best-selling colours, styles and materials

  • Maximise quality and minimise production costs

Fashion Merchandisers

Keep up with trends and identify purchasing behaviours based on customer demand

  • Purchase top-selling product lines

  • Schedule the right time to launch new collections

  • Determine sales strategies

  • Conceptualise dominant trends by season

Visual Merchandisers

Execute visual ideas and concepts based on real-time data

  • Determine focal points to attract attention

  • Research on competitors’ displays and ideas

  • Decide what your audience wants to see

  • Strategise the structure of your display

Fashion Marketers

Refine your marketing plan and campaigns with data-driven decisions

  • Create and maintain a brand presence

  • Monitor specific marketing trends worldwide

  • Coordinate with designers and buyers

  • Manage marketing budgets and pricing strategies

Business Owners

Generate new business opportunities with data intelligence

  • Use market analytics to find leads

  • Efficiently solve problems with viable solutions

  • Enhance customer acquisition and retention

  • Discover trends to stay ahead


Implement business strategies with consumer insights

  • Lead and manage business operations

  • Make better financial & investment decisions

  • Increase sales and market share

  • Use market research to create a big picture

Instant setup with no messy IT integrations.

Daily access to support teams in SEA and Europe.

Intuitive dashboard that’s customisable to suit your needs.

Real-time accurate data you can trust.

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