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Omnilytics is designed to match a variety of business needs with data-backed retail insights. Learn more about the products and services we offer and how you can benefit from them.

Fashion Designers

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Design products based on market demands and fashion trends
  • Create a better product assortment
  • Cover mass market, ready-to-wear and haute couture
  • Determine best-selling colours, styles and materials
  • Maximise quality and minimise production costs

Fashion Merchandisers

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Keep up with trends and identify purchasing behaviors based on customer demand
  • Purchase top-selling product lines
  • Schedule the right time to launch new collections
  • Determine sales strategies
  • Conceptualise dominant trends by season

Visual Merchandisers

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Execute visual ideas and concepts based on real-time data
  • Determine focal points to attract attention
  • Research on competitor’s displays and ideas
  • Decide what your audience wants to see
  • Strategise the structure of your display


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Refine your marketing plan and campaigns with data-driven decisions
  • Create and maintain a strong brand presence
  • Monitor specific marketing trends worldwide
  • Coordinate with designers and buyers
  • Manage marketing budgets and pricing strategies

Business Owners

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Generate new business opportunities with data intelligence
  • Use market analytics to find leads
  • Efficiently solve problems with viable solutions
  • Enhance customer acquisition and retention
  • Discover trends to stay ahead


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Implement business strategies with consumer insights
  • Lead and manage business operations
  • Make better financial & investment decisions
  • Increase sales and market share
  • Use market research to create a big picture

Market Analytics Dashboard • Omnilytics Prime

We remove the guesswork

Watch the market as it is currently happening with Omnilytics’ market analytics dashboard. Create your next action plan in accordance to trending products, colours, sizes or strategies in the form of beautifully displayed data.

Out of Stock Rates

Competitor Analysis

Price Architecture

SKU Monitoring

Price Timeline

Replenishment Rates

Colour Profiles

Sizes Breakdown

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Omnilytics’ dashboard is available to anyone, anywhere and anytime. All you need is just your login information to access real-time data from over 5,000 brands and retailers.

Instant setup with no messy IT integrations.

Daily access to support teams in SEA and Europe.

Real-time accurate data you can trust.

Industry Reports • Omnilytics Prime

We help you stay focused

Improve your business performance with the help of our data experts and analysts. We’ll do the work, so you just have to focus on what’s important.

Industry Benchmarks

Trend Analysis

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Dashboard Summaries

Consumer Insights

Don't use data as a second choice

In a world of fast fashion and beyond, real-time data is crucial for the growth of your business. We validate every option, prioritise the necessary decisions, and channel the right resources to what matters.

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