Optimise inventory planning, maximise profitability

Create a win-win strategy for ageing stock and slow-movers – one that keeps your inventory at optimal levels and your margins in check.
Ageing Analysis Dashboard

With Ageing Analysis, you can

Manage your inventory with ease

Get a full overview of your, or your competitors’ product age by category, colour and discount, helping you to plan ahead.

Turn slow-movers into sales

Spot slow-movers fast to keep inventory at healthy levels and craft a proactive action plan that optimises profits.

Align with market expectations

React to your market’s demands in real-time by knowing what is or isn’t doing well and adjust your assortment accordingly.

Learn how Ageing Analysis is used

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Business Planning & Strategy

Accelerate Your Business with a Future-proofed Strategy

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Assortment Planning

Maximise Profitability with Commercially-driven Assortments

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Stock Allocation & Distribution

Get Your Allocation Strategy Right First Time, Every Time

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"Our success stems from the fact that we made the right decision every time - and we did it through data-supported decisions with Omnilytics."

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