Ageing Analysis

Optimise inventory monitoring, act with data

Strategise a win-win solution for ageing stocks and slow-movers – one that not only keeps inventory at an optimum level but maintains profitability.

Cut through the noise with data-backed decisions.

Crack the code for your older stocks and plan your next move in real-time.

Protect your current margin

Identify deadstock quickly and structure a phasing out plan immediately so you’ll be able to remove excess inventory with higher liquidity.

Turn slow-movers into sales

Spot slow-movers swiftly to keep inventory at an optimum level. Once you know the pitfalls, you can plan ahead to avoid losses.

Manage your inventory like a pro

Get a full overview of your, or your competitors’ product age by categories, colours and discounts, helping you to plan ahead.

Anticipate your competitor’s next move

Be a step ahead with the ability to access your competitors’ online assortment so you can gauge future possible markdowns and counter effectively.

Align with the market’s expectations

React to your market’s demands in real-time by knowing what is or isn’t doing well and optimise your assortment accordingly.

Easy access and comprehension for all

You don’t need any IT background or integrations to view over 75,000 brands and retailers worldwide, translated into an easy-to-read smart colour highlight charts.

Increase capital liquidity

Maximise profits by quickly identifying and removing slow-movers.

  • Clear excess stock efficiently

  • Determine the right markdown strategy

  • Plan ahead for maximum impact

Build a collection with proven tactics

Benchmark against your competitors and adopt strategies that work.

  • Avoid underperforming products

  • Fill in the gaps of your competitors

  • Adopt the right categories, colours and discounts

Monitor and re-forecast accurately

React in real-time to meet consumer and market demands.

  • Know when and what to clear

  • Price it right

  • Promote slow-movers fast

Trusted on a global scale.

We work with some of the best brands and retailers across the world. We’ve helped them grow, and now we’re more than ready to achieve the same with you.

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All you need to gain an edge over your competitors.

Age by category

Observe ageing stocks by category to identify slow-movers, so that you can quickly react and plan a phasing out strategy.

Age by colour

Identify underperforming colours quickly to develop a promotion around them.

Age by pricing and discounts

Devise the best pricing strategy with a clear overview of discounting practices that are performing, and those that aren’t.

Smart colour highlight of SKU concentration

Easily access the data in a smart colour data visualisation table.

Product status

Break down further by getting a granular view of the assortment through an SKU-level.

Sorting by category, colour, price and discount

Choose your preferred filters that work best for you and your team.

In-stock performance

Determine your next steps for in-stock products by understanding how they’re performing.

Flexible timeline

Study the market according to your chosen timeline.

Low prices, high returns.

We want to make data accessible to everyone, starting with affordable pricing.


USD 50

per month • billed monthly

  • Season launch

  • Sell out performance

  • Unlimited brands & retailers

  • Live chat


USD 200

per month • billed monthly

  • Everything from Starter's package

  • Multiple currencies

  • Unlimited brands & retailers

  • 3 brand requests

  • Live chat, email support


Talk to Sales
  • Everything from Professional's package

  • Custom reports

  • Unlimited brands & retailers

  • 10 brand requests

  • Dedicated support team

  • Goal management

“After working with Omnilytics, we were able to fill in the missing gaps of our assortment, gain a better understanding of our pricing strategies, and learn how to position ourselves in the industry – all in real-time.”

Bessie Ye — Founder, RYE

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